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Welcome to the National Archives of The Abh Nation. This department of the government of The Abh Nation is tasked with the preservation and restoration of the nation's history. Here you will find original copies of the nation at various stages of development. Each version has been restored fully to emulate the original appearance and functionality. Only original components have been used in the process. In cases where original components could not be recovered, they have been either reproduced to original specifications, or excluded. This site also contains a chronical of the nation's history, as well as notes on the restoration of each version of the site, including the other sites listed under this archive.

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All content herein (unless otherwise specified), including websites that fall under the jurisdiction of The Abh Nation's National Archives shall fall under The Abh Nation's most current copyright policy. Any copyright policies displayed on archived sites are for historical purposes only, and are hereby voided by the authority of The Abh Nation. Nothing stated on archived sites represents the policies of The Abh Nation, or the opinions of any of it's staff members.


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