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got fanart??? send em to me and ill put em up on this page for ya^_^

***This page is dedicated to ***ACID STEALTH FIGHTER***'s Seikai fanart. ill be getting a scanner this summer so ill have these all scanned this summer and i still have some that i havnt posted pictures of yet because i didnt wanna get out my digital camera, ok, ill cut the crap, they'll be scanned this summer^_^

*this one of Cénéch is my best one so far. it is very detailed but the picture didnt exactely come out perfect. ill try to get it scanned if i can find someone with a scanner*

*this one is my second drawing, it is of Lafiel but it needs to be scanned too. it is bigger in real life but im not very satisfied with how it came out=\ i could have added more detail but i drew it on a really small scale. i gotta get this one scanned too.*

*This one is my 3rd drawing, its of admeral Spourh sitting in her chair acting bored like usual. i still need to scan it but it has a lot of detail in it.*

*my new style of drawing has no backgrounds, just the character. this one is of Dusanyu*