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This site is an archived version of the original NationSafugnoff 2.0, first unveiled in early 2003. The HTML coding for the site has been significantly modified to enable users to browse through the site as it originally appeared. The overall design and content have been left untampered since the site was closed. Unfortunately, some of the details from the original site, hosted on Tripod.com, have been lost. Most importantly, the navigation panel on the left once had an image of Lamhirh in the background, which I have not been able to recover. Two pages from the original site have also been lost. Those pages are, "Character Bios [id15.html]" and, "Ghintec (Jinto) [id10.html]". Additionally, the ZIP files from the downloads page have also been lost. Lastly, due to an HTML flaw in the original version, much of the text appeared blue. This flaw has been corrected. While I considered assembling replacement pieces for the missing parts, I decided it would be best to leve the site as it was, and not tack on anything to it that wasn't original, with the exception of this page.

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