Welcome to Nation Safugnoff v3.1

I still have a bit of "touching-up" to do to the site but have a look
around and feel free to take the pictures as long as you give me some credit^_^

This site is dedicated to my favorite anime series, Seikai no Monshou, and Seikai no Senki (II).
Just a word of advice, not ALL of the Baronh spelling is correct, some may be a little "off"
but Baronh is a very complicated language so i do my best^_^ I might do a review for the series
some time this year, but ive been a little busy lately. regular updates come so be patient.
P.S. the background song on the main page is called "Weigh Anchor" and its from the
Seikai no Senki Soundtrack.

If you have any questions or comments on the site, email em to me^_^