NationSafugnoff V3.2 [Archive]

Version 3.2 of NationSafugnoff was not a significant upgrade over the previous version. First unveiled on the 24th of November, 2003, it featured a more organized link section, and a slightly different navigation bar. I had previously attempted to use buttons in my quest to make Baronh the language of the site. However those buttons proved impractical, as did my attempts to integrate an Ath fontset. Thus Version 3.2 is more of a regression. As with the previous version, most of the 3rd level content (items that require no less than three clicks from the home page to access) such as information pages, have been lost. These pages up until version 4.2, were just copy/pasted from one version to the next. Thus the loss is not significant enough to warrant a reconstruction of those missing sections. Additionally, as with the other older versions, the galleries have been lost.

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