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Screen Shots and Music

All material on presented on this website save for my fan art is copyright to the original owner of the materials. i do not own Seikai no monshou nor Seikai no Senki (II). all screenshots are copyright to their original owner. Copyright holdings on Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars I, and II belong to Bandai and Sunrise Entertainment. you may use the screenshots so long as u give credit to the owner of the series, and me for taking them. it is a very time consuming process.

Fanart and other images created by myself

i hold solw ownership of my fanart on this website. i created it, it belongs to me. you may use it on your website so long as you give me 100% credit for it. other images presented on this site such as the navigation menu and the welcom image are created by me, however the characters are copyright to Bandai Visual and Sunrise Entertainment. you may use them only with my permission. if you want to use them, drop me an email and ill let ya know which ones are up for grabs ^_^


all information presented on this site is up for grabs. it is NOT copyright and is free for the taking. however if you wish to use this info, i ask that you put it in your own words. if you just wanna copy it word for word, id like a little credit for typing it just as iv givin credit to the people i got it from. thank you! ^_-

other media

background image for my navigation menu is from Sphere Design. i added the border, cropped it, and added Baronh text to it. all link banners for other websites were created by the owners of those sites. i created my banner so its only for this site so dont use it as your own or ill get mad at you and email you! lol ^_^