sorry about the lack of site updates recently, i havnt abandoned the site, i just ran out of ideas. in recent news i have a bunch of new wallpapers i made that ill work on getting them posted. i was unable to get the rights to the english transelation of the natinal anthem (couldnt reach the owner of the transelation) however i will be putting up the baronh version sometime. i havnt gotten a MySQL database yet so i havnt been able to get the forum off the ground. it might be awhile. im gonna try and get more timly on updates though. i might get the anthem section up tonight. or at least by this weekend itl be ready ^_^


added link to AnimeSuki


LOTR is out! yay! also added new theme for mainpage!


redid all html files for faster loaing times


updated Link page, added 5 new links. added new pic for the homepage


updated credits page to include new software. also added navigation menu to the Society and Culture page


added section for other people's fanart in the fan art section, also working on the new forum.


ivbeen getting a little slow on the updates lately. lol, anyways, i found new wat to have an even better forum than the invisionfree forum soim working on that but encountering some problems so itl be awhile before i get it up and running. considering moving to simply cause the plan is better but im still testing it out.


Happy Thanksgiving! today is thanksgiving, had some company over and talked, had some dinner. today i set up a new Fan Art page with small previews of pictures, click on them to view full sized image


added an About Me page to the site with links to my favorite non-anime websites, also added 2 new seikai links on the links page


added a credits page to the site. decided against the chat caue theres just not enough people to make it happen. still working on the messageboard problem. i also got around to fixing the counter. i added in the 1600 hits from before i added the new counter in late september plus the existing 456 hits since i added the counter so its set to the CORRECT number, finaly! ^_- im working on an "enter" page but so far it isnt working out like id hoped it would so i think i might ditch that idea in favor of something else. but i dont know what that something else is...yet, anyways....


uploaded new layout, still working on it, i might add an intro page before the index for fun. considering doing a FAQ section cause i answer same questions all the time. also created new site banner for the top, im quite happy how it came out but i might edit it a little bit. maybe change the text style. still working on getting thenavigation menu pictures to connect togather but im not having to much success with that right now... i might put the national anthem up but i dont have permission to use Dadh Baronr's Baronh translation yet. but its on my future projects list^^


in the process of removing background music cause it doesnt work anymore, added new drawing of Lamhirh to fanart section, invisionfree servers crash, plans for new message board postponed indefinantly. i may consider it at a later date in time. still working on new layout. going to merge number of visitors with number of visiters to v2.0.


added Copyright Notice to site, currently working on a new theme, still have no plans. i might make a new top banner and im going to create anew linkme image cause my current one isnt standard size and i dont like it at all


new navigation bar created, homepage updated, re-organized download page, removed some background music, still working on the rest. New message Boards opining in Janurary to replace the old one which had limited sucess.


added Alternate Universe to the Saudec page, re-arranged links into table, standardized link image sizes, new forum under construction for v3.2


low bandwidth section added, site added to TechTV Anime Master List (see link on homepage)


set up chat time, officially closed NationSafugnoff Beta version, added charts to Lubarec section
(borrowed charts from Lemharth)


worked on galleries. added SNM ep#1-2, SNS ep#10-11, fixed SNM gallery main page, new gallery format created, still working on screenshots


added page on the 5 interstellat nations


submitted site to be added to TechTV master list of anime website, still waiting to see if site got accepted


Added IRC chat to site, finished messgae boards, and last but not least, i FINALY, FINALY created a page all about the Star Field Navy! ya, so i did a lot of work on my site today^^


1st Anniversary Celebration!

As some may know, Janurary marks the first anniversary of Nation Safugnoff. it all started when i saw COTS on TechTV in janurary, then toward the end of that month, i was working on a webpage. this is the 3rd site ive made for the series. i dumped the webpage for NS v1.0 which later became NS v2.0 when i rebuilt everything. and now this is Nation Safugnoff v3.1, created July of 2003 and unveiled in august. since then alot has happened to the site, but ive kinda neglected it for the past few months because of certain issues in my life. so for the 1st anniversary, i plan to have the info section and galleries entirely finished and ill have a special 1st anniversary pic to commemorate Nation Safugnoff 3.2! in adition, ive added messgae boards to the site and i will have an IRC chat as well. so basically, i have a LOT of work to do!^^