The 5 Interstellar Nations

As you know, the abh are at war with the triple alliance. In total, including the Bar Frybarec, there are 5 interstellar nations in the universe. There is the Republic of Alcon, The Human Union, The Peoples Sovereign Union of Planets, The Federation of Hania, and The Humankind Empire Abh.

The Human Kind Empire of Abh
The largest of the 5 nations, it controls several thousand inhabited star systems and is the most powerful. Sense keeping a number of planets united is difficult, the abh don't care if their Terran citizens on the ground like them or not. Almost all of them live in space and serve in the Star Field Navy.

The Human Union
The human union is a member of the triple alliance and controls a number of inhabited star systems. They force their culture onto the people of the worlds they control. They do this through heavy trade. The primary reason why Samsonn's planter allied the empire so they could keep their culture.

The People's Sovereign Union of Planets
They to control a large amount of inhabited planets. This nation has a lot of similarities with the empire, Such as their government. Their planets are relatively independent; they have their own local governments, militaries, and each have unique cultures. But the planets governments are all loyal to the Union. This nation is also a member of the triple alliance against the empire.

The Republic of Alcon
The smallest of the 5 nations, its planets have a wide variety of cultures and societies. Their planets are not yet united but it still managed to become an interstellar nation because its main system is very developed. They are the 3rd nation in the triple alliance.

The Federation of Hania
The federation planets share very similar culture, which has enabled them to unite yet there are still a few planets with vastly different cultures. This is the last of the interstellar nations. This nation is a member of the Nova Sicily organization, however, they are neutral in the conflict between the triple alliance and the empire. While they ARE allied to the other nations, they did not declare war on the empire so they are therefore neutral.