Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari: The Humankind Empire of Abh

The empire was formed several hundred years ago when the people of earth started to leave Earth in colony ships
and settle other planets. These early pioneers were genetically altered humans, designed as slaves for the
Earthlings. One group of settlers decided to sever their connections with their mother space city and live on their
own. Eventually they formed the Humankind Empire of Abh. After breaking their ties with their mother space city,
they were forced to live with the ever-present fear that their mother space city would send a disciplinary force
after them. This was a fear that they simply could not live with, so they destroyed their mother space city. The
mother space city never did have the resources to send that disciplinary forces though. It is said that every Abh
will carry the guilt of destroying the mother space city on one shoulder.

The empire was founded by 8 families (Fryhbal Spiyenu founded the 8 royal families):
Lasieth Nc Ramrural
Balli Nc Ramusal
Sullzd Nc Duasc
Seil Nc Ramaral
Erush Nc Dishil
Oeiscau Nc Daiul
Ballzd Nc Dubzl
Crub Nc Dcgrsc

As you may have noticed, the kingdom name does not appear in their name. Example: you see the name Dcgrsc is
Lamhirh's name, not Crub. The 29 people aboard the colony ship Ablarsec, which served as their home before the
empire was formed, founded the Abh. Later the Ablarsec became the center of the Abh capital, Lacmhacarh
(Laklafalle). Ablarsec is the royal family's clan, Lamhirh's clan. They are the only Abhs allowed to have elves
ears. They may tend to solve their problems more aggressively than other Abh families.

At the core of Abh society and culture is the Star Field Navy. They use this powerful force to maintain the empire
and expand it area of influence. Many Abhs chose to serve in the Star Forces because of their dedication and
loyalty to the empire. It is because of this loyalty that Abhs will often enter a battle even though they only
have a 10-20% chance of victory. The Abh are a generally peaceful race and try to avoid battles and violence.
Many terrains tend to think that the Abh are reckless in battle and arrogant, but nothing could be further from
the truth! As was demonstrated by admiral Tlamh in the battle for Sfagnaumh (Safugnoff). The Abh are very practical
people and do not like to enter battles without first assessing the situation. As you know, the majority of
Abhs live in space, not planets. This is another key reason why they are so dedicated to their empire. When in
battle, the Abh act as one, with the ultimate goal of achieving victory and taking as few losses as possible.