NationSafugnoff IRC chat

#NationSafugnoff @ IRC.Konichiwa.NL

I get a number of requests for songs from it, in particular, the main theme to COTS, so if anyone is interested in getting them, I can be found here.

#A-Universe @ IRC.Konichiwa.NL

For the newbies who don't know what IRC is, it is a chat/file sharing app that has been around since the 80's. This page is just for some troubleshooting help and How-To for getting started in IRC in 5 easy steps.

1. You will need to download an IRC client. I recommend SysReset because it is free and has some nifty add-ons built right into it.

2. Install the client and go into the options tab and type in a username and your email. Email is only used to register a screen name with a password.

3. In the servers tab, click on "Add" and enter the following:

description: "Konichiwa"
port(s): 5000, 6000, 6667, 6668, 6669, 7000, 8000, 8080, 9000 (just copy paste that in there)
Password: this field is optional, if you want to require a password to log onto a server, go ahead and fill it in, otherwise you can just skip it. :)

Then press OK and in the servers tab, press "connect". Make sure Konichiwa is selected.

4. Registering a nickname: Konichiwa is a private small server so no one will steal your SN, but just to be safe, you may want to register it. In the server window on the far left of the tab bar, enter the following:

/nickserv register PASSWORD

Replace PASSWORD with a password. Just make one up that you will remember. A message will come up that says your nick is successfully registered. Every time you log onto the server, type this:

/nickserv identify PASSWORD using the password you entered in your registration. A message will pop up from Chise or Nickserv that says, "Password accepted, you are now identified". This means that no one will be able to log on using your SN because it is registered to you.

5. Click on the "favorites" button on the top or in the menu and open it up. On the top, type: #NationSafugnoff and click "join". Right now I am the only person in there, but eventually there will be some more. I am under the SN of ACIDSTEALTH.

6. To get a file:
In the menu bar, go to: SysReset > Addons Manager. When the addons manager loads, highlight the file called "Fserv_Browser.ini", and press the "load" button. Now exit the Addons Manager and in the IRC chat, type "!Anime-OST" (spelled as is) and a white dialogue will pop up. When it connects, you will see the file browser. Navigate to the folder you want by double clicking it. To get a file, double click it and a download box will open. To go back to the main folder, double click where it says "...". By default, it will save the file to your SysReset directory, usually "C:\sysreset\sounds\".

A word of advice, since I am behind a router, the Fserv almost always fails the first few times, so what I recommend is to keep trying over and over until it accepts. If you tried a ton of times and are still having trouble, then double click my SN and send me a message, or just send it in the main window if you like. I will eventually make a list of all the Seikai MP3s I have, but not everything because there are to many MP3's in there.

I am logged on the channel 3PM-10PM US Central Time Monday through Friday, and 24/7 on weekends.

That's all, it takes about 2-3 minutes to get it all set up, but it is easier for me to send stuff this way because emails like AOL usually have size limits and it is kind of a pain. I have about 2 gigs of anime OST, mostly from subbed anime if anyone is interested, just drop in and ask. :)

Also, "OST" stands for "Original Sound Track".

If you are stuck or absolutely clueless, don't worry, just email me and I will try and help you out a bit. ^_^