The Star Field Navy

The Star Forces
As you may know already, the Abh are a space faring race. Most of them live the majority of their lives in space without ever going down to a surface world. And if they want to live in space, they must be able to defend themselves. This is the role of the Star Forces. The Lubarec (Star Forces) plays a critical role in the upper class society. Many Abh join the Lubarec to advance their rank in society. Many nobility and royalty serve in the Lubarec as Imperial Admirals, such as Spaurh, and Dusanh.

Requirements & ranks
While not al Abh are required to join the Lubarec, royalty and nobility must serve for at least 13 years which includes 3 years in a military academy. Ablïarsec members must join the combat division, however, lesser royalty and nobility may choose to join the non-combat section. Ablïarsec must join the combat division because they are the royal family. While there is no specific heir to the thrown, the heir is decided through service in the Star Forces. The abh want a skilled leader so when it comes time, they will chose the highest-ranking Ablïarsec in the Lubarec to assume the thrown. If an Ablïarsec reaches the rank of Imperial Admiral, they are appointed to "Commander-and=Chief of the Fleet" which basically means that they will assume the thrown when the time comes. The promotion of an Ablïarsec is decided by a special council made up of former emperors, empresses, king, and queens from all the royal families. If the Ablïarsec accepts the thrown, there are royalty for life and must carry out their duties to the empire. If they decline, it goes to the next person in line. Many Abhs join the star forces and make it a life long career. Many of them do it out of duty, while others do it to gain status or make a living. Some Terrans such as Sampson joined just because they longed to go into space.

Star Ships
The Lubarec as you know, consists of many ships. They range from small attack ships like the Basrogrh (Basroil) to enormous patrol ships such as the Gothlauth (Gosroth).

Attack Ships (Gairh)
These ships are very maneuverable and can be deadly when used in large numbers. They are armed with an anti-photon cannon and 2 laser bursters used mostly for destroying enemy missiles. However they must maneuver in packs of 6 or more because they don't have very strong shields or armor.

Patrol Ships (Laitec), also known as Guard Ships
Patrol ships are the largest warships in the empire and are often the most advanced ships in the entire universe. They are extremely formidable, capable of launching a legion of mines at the enemy. They are armed with 4 electromagnetic cannons, and multiple laser bursters on the sides and rear. They have extremely thick armored hull and the best shields. However there vulnerability is that they are slow and hard to maneuver in battle. A good example of their formidability is the battle of the Gothlauth. Even when outnumbered 10 to 1, it still manages to destroy 9 enemy ships and damage the last before being destroyed.

Communication Ships (Longiac)
These are small vessels capable of Planer space flight. The seat 2 people, have no weapons, and are used for sending long range communications between fleets. The ship used by Lamhirh and Ghintec in COTS to get to the capital was a communications ship.

Transport Ships (Issazec)
These ships are used to transport military personnel. They seat 50 and are NOT capable of Planer space flight. They are often used as "life boats" on larger ships. A good example is the Cilique-class ship used to take Ghintec to the Gothlauth in COTS, episode #2.

Line-of-Battle Ships (Alaicec)
These ships are used as supply ships basically for fleet operations. They are the biggest of ships and carry no weapons.

Hospital Ships (Ghasiac)
Just as the name say, they are used as mobile combat hospitals.

Ranking System
Before the empire was formed, all Abh lived on the Ablïarsec, which served as their home. The commander was called the Hecto-Commander but the Abh soon grew out of that ship. Their population increased so they built more ships to accommodate themselves. Eventually though, the ranks began to crowd so they were forced to create new ranks. They combined 2 units under one commander and that's how they got the rank of Deca-Commander. Eventually they created a Kilo-Commander, Admiral, Chief Admiral, Space Navy Admiral, and Imperial Admiral. As the empire grew, it expanded and captured new planets under its domain. The planets eventually had their own separate ranks and an army was created. But the army rebelled causing a civil war known as "The Rebellion of Ghimrÿar". It was eventually suppressed by the Star Field Navy but at great cost. After the rebellion, the army was disbanded but the ranks of Space Navy Admiral and Imperial Admiral remained in the Star Forces.

Tables borrowed from Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari - Abhstract Crystals

The Ranks of the Laburec
Baronh Japanese English
Rüé Spainec teikoku gensui Imperial Admiral
Spainec Laburar seikaigun gensui Space Navy Admiral
Fofraudéc dai-teitoku Admiral of the Fleet
Fraudéc teitoku Admiral
Roïfraudéc jun-teitoku Commodore Admiral
Cheüass senshouchou Kilo-Commander
Bomoüass hyakushouchou Hecto-Commander
Roïbomoüass fuku-hyakushouchou Vice Hecto-Commander
Loüass jusshouchou Deca-Commander
Lecraic zenei-shoushi Front Flyer
Rineer kouei-shoushi Rear Flyer
Fectodaic retsuyoku-shoushi Wing Flyer

The Organizations of the Laburec
Baronh Japanese English Top Rank
garéc hishou-ka Flying Section Imperial Admiral
sazoïc shukei-ka Administration Section Administration Admiral
cutéc kuutei-ka Ground Section Ground Admiral
nicec gun'i-ka Medical Section Medical Admiral
ghteure gijutsu-ka Technical Section Techinical Admiral
ieucec keiei-ka Police Section Admiral of the Fleet
ümhoss houmu-ka Law Section Admiral of the Fleet
anghec kango-ka Nursing Section Admiral of the Fleet
scoemr gunshou-ka Maintenance Section Admiral
faziac roubonr zouhei-ka Weaponry Section Admiral
faziac harr zousen-ka Shipyard Section Admiral
faziac sér zouki-ka Machinery Section Admiral
faziac datycirir koushi-ka Computer Section Admiral
faziac orhoc kouro-ka Route Section Admiral
faziac naghacec gungaku-ka Music Section Hecto-Commander

The Ships of the Laburec
Baronh Japanese English
Résic junsatsukan Cruisers
gairh totsugekikan Assault Ship
laitec goeikan Guard Ships
alaicec senretsukan Line-of-Battle Ships
issazec yusoukan Transport Ships
lussomiac kyoushuu-yusoukan Assault Transport Ship
longiac renrakukan Communication Ship
ghasiac chiryoukan Hospital Ship
craiïagac renshuukan Training Ship
gusiac kousakukan Engineering Ship