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Note, sites requiring Japanese text support may be viewed using UTF-8 or Unicode. In your browser, go to: View > character coding > UTF-8, Japanese, or UTF-7. UTF-7 will work, but it is rather old so it will have some flaws in it, but you should be OK. Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher, Mozilla 0.6 and higher, FireFox, Netscape Navigator, and Opera browsers all have UTF-7 and UTF-8 text support build in.

great site with lots of information about Baronh and the Abh culture

features really good looking 3D graphics of Abh ships.

kind of an all links site. links to dozens of fansites. you will need japanese text support as its all in japanese.

TONS of great information all about the series, screenshots, errata section for tv edits. just a really great site, one of my favorites!

site is currently under construction so theres not a whole lot to see yet.

Teamec Dadh=Baronr. lots of useful info about Baronh language including Baronh-Japanese dictionary. Japanese text support needed! (sorry if i made a mistake on your link, i think i got it corrected the right way, if it isnt, just let me know ^_^)

Crest of the Stars: Oddessy
nice site with some really good fan art of the series and a nice review as well.

excellent site, LOTS of info and some really cool pictures too! japanese text support required!

seikai merchandise from Ninelives

Official Crest of The Stars website by Bandai. i cant say much about it cause its not really that great...

Boerh Sertner's website dedicated to COTS/BOTS (II). lots of screenshots and pics

Alternate Universe Message Boards. only THE BEST message boards out there ^_^

BitTorrent @ AnimeSuki - the best site to get anime from. tons of torrents and links to other great torrent sites

Proud member of TechTV Anime Masterlist

Bitmax Studio
Some very nice graphics for the series. Graphics include color manga, 3D ships and some 3D characters.

pretty good site with info about the series and some background music. Chinese text support required!

BarMark 2000
BarMark is the site where the Baronh fonts all came from. I do not belive the site is active anymore, but you can check it out for yourself if you like. Japanese text support required.

Japanese Amazon
Seikai no Senki merchandise from Japan

English translations for the novels. novels are currently out of print

masoninc61's COTS fansite
masoninc61's COTS fansite

good site with lots of potential. still under construction

Art in motion: Pharna's Cel Gallery
Pharna's Anime cell gallery. Credit for Avatars 4-7 goes to Pharna, the owner of the cells. Some very nice cells if I do say so myself. ^_^

Morioka Hiroyuki
just an introduction to Morioka Hiroyuki. Japanese text support required!

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