NationSafugnoff V3.5 [Archive]

This site is an archived version of the original NationSafugnoff V3.5, which first opened on the 17th of December, 2003. This version of NationSafugnoff is significant because it is the first time I did not use the traditional colors of red on black. Instead I decided to try a bold new theme, which influenced the the color scheme of The Abh Nation later on. Starting with version 3.5 I added a significant amount of new content to bolster the site into more than a mere image gallery.

Because this site was built from scratch, and not using a template editor (as used for version 2.0), it is far better preserved. However there are still a few missing elements to mention, the most notable of which, are the screencapture galleries. These were not seen as something worth saving, as the same screen captures can be viewed from The Abh Nation's galleries. Some additional pages in the information section had to be replicated. I did this by copying the information from version 4.0, which had not changed, and placing the information in the version 3.5 template, to create an identical copy of the original. A limited number of the graphics were also recovered from, which still has some pages from the older versions of NationSafugnoff stored in it's cache.

This site is for historical purposes only. None of the statements on this site represent opinions or policies of The Abh Nation. Any copyrights on this site are hereby voided by the authority of The Abh Nation. All content herein shall hence fourth fall under The Abh Nation's most current copyright policy, which can be viewed here.