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This section is just for fan fiction. Fan fiction (fanfic) are stories created from anime, or anything from that matter, that use characters and plotline information from the original story, to create a new version of the story. Right now I only have one submission, but I'm working on getting a few more. :)

Banner of the Stars: Tiskie Kin of the Stars
Author: Animealltogather Author: Gemini2779
Name of Work: Tiskie Name of Work: Kin of the Stars
Status: Incomplete Status: Incomplete
Author's Comment: Chapters 3-10 comming soon! Author's Comment: Just the timeline so far, the story is comming soon! All caps, sorry.
Download: Banner of the Stars: Tiskie (132KB) Download: Kin of the Stars {22.5KB)
Rating: PG [Some Mature Language] Rating: N/A

Abh Pickup Lines
Author: TechTV members
Name of Work: Abh Pickup Lines
Status: Completed
Author's Comment:
ACIDSTEALTH: I saved the topic before the message boards
were moved to The thread was lostin the move,
but I saved thelatest andmost complete version for display.
I hope it'll get alot of laughs because its just hilarious!
It is 3 pages long and is not intended to make fun of the
series either, but it does just that in its own ways. :D
Also, this topicis rated PG-13 for sexual humour and mature
jokes. If you are offended by such jokes, please don't read
this topic. No mature images are contained withinthis, or
any other topic, however, I will warn you, that some of this
stuff will have you rolling on the floor laughing. :^P

Abh Pickup Lines: page 1
Abh Pickup Lines: page 2
Abh Pickup Lines: page 3
Rating: PG-13 [sexual humour]

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