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Screen Shots

All screenshots are taken by me. If you want to use them, i want credit for taking them. Seikai no Monshou & Senki no Senki I & II are copyrighted (c) to Bandai Entertainment and Sunrise WOWOW. All screenshots are copyright to Bandai and Sunrise WOWOW and are not to be sold or abused in any way.

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All images and fanart on this site belong to me unless i have stated otherwise. I created them for this site only. They are NOT to be used withough my permission. If you are interested in using one, email me, and ill let you know which ones you can use. If you use any of the images (including screenshots) without my permission, be prepare to recieve a nasty email from an angry webmaster. ^_^


All information presented on this site is up for grabs. It is not copyright and is free for the taking. However if you wish to use this info, I ask that you put it in your own words. If you just wanna copy it word for word, I'd like a little credit for typing it just as I'v givin credit to my sources. Thank you! ^_-

Other Media

Downloads page: Everything on the download page is created by me, except for the Frybarec2 Font Set. You may not use any of my avatars or wallpapers for downloads on your site. Don't even bother asking cause i will say no. The avatars are for message boards and buddy icons for IM programs only. If you direct-link them, i will either send you an email, or i will be tempted to replace the image with something else. ;) If you need free hosting for avatars, try ^_^
Site navbar background image was provided by Sphere Design and modified by myself.
Avatars A4-A7 were created from cropped scans of cels provided by Pharna's Cel Gallery and are property of Pharna. Navbar footer image borrowed from Bitmax Studio

Fan Fiction
All material contained within a submitted fanfic are respected property of the fanfic's author and are not to be sold, altered, abused, or illegaly distributed in any way with out the authors consent. NationSafugnoff is in no way responsible for the content or legality or any materials in the fanfic. If you have a complaint, please contact me and I will foward it to the author. If for some reason, the author cannot be contacted, I will attempt to deal with the problem myself. NationSafugnoff does not host any 18+ fanfics, however, some content may be for matured audiences only. I will try to clearly mark what age group a fanfic is intended for for your benifit. Requests for the removal of a fanfic can only be made by the author, a server administrator, or a law enforcement personnel. NationSafugnoff does not provide contact information for the author of a fanfic unless requested to do so by a server administrator, the author, or a law enforcement personnel. If you would be interested in submitting a fanfic, please contact me and I will be happy to add it to the site. :)