A brief history of the empire as well as a few interesting facts

A history of Human Space Flight
Ever since the dawn of human civilization on earth, man has dreamed of exploring the stars. It was not until the 20th century, that this dream was finally realized. It was the end of the 2nd World War, which ushered in the space race. The space race was a heated competition between the two superpowers of Earth, to explore and colonize space; a race, which reached its height when the United States of America placed a man on the moon. The race ended with the collapse of the USSR in 1988.

The First Ones
It wasn't until the later half of the 21st century, that the nations of Earth began to colonize space. They built orbital space stations and massive colony ships in which they sent out settlers to colonize the vast ocean of space. They genetically modified these "settlers" for a lifestyle in a low gravity environment. It is not known how many ships departed from Earth, or how many reached their destination. The ship that carried the ancestors of the Abh was the Ablïarsec. It was a typical colony ship who's destination was the star system of Amataritsu, named after the Japanese sun god Amataritsu. The settlers sent out were descendants of Japanese people who were in simplest terms, "slaves". They eventually sought independence from the Earth and broke of ties. For several years they lived aboard the Ablïarsec until it simply could no longer support the population. They built other ships to accommodate themselves, and added on to the Ablïarsec, which eventually became the capital of the future empire. But they lived in fear, that the Earth would send out a disciplinary force to destroy them. It was that fear which drove them to build their own space navy, which they eventually used to destroy their creators. The creators never did have the resources to destroy the abh and it is likely they were forgotten, like so many other ships, which failed to complete the journey. After they had destroyed their creators, they continues to grow in population until the 29 clans aboard the Ablïarsec, formed the empire. The leading clan, which would lead the empire, was the Ablïarsec clan.

The Evolution of Baron
The original settlers, who would become the Abh, spoke Japanese. But all languages evolve over the centuries. An example of how much the language has evolved would be to compare the name of the star system, which houses the capital city of Lacmhacarh. The name given to the system by the original Abh, was "Amataritsu", which, over the centuries, became Ablïarsec. Not only the language evolved, but the alphabet else changed as well. Below are the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Alphabet as they are today. Next to it is the Baron Alphabet as it is now.

The modern Japanese Alphabet. contains both Kiragana and Katakana versionsThe Baron alphabet. Basically just a conversion table to the western alphabet :)

You can tell that many of the characters look similar to Japanese. You may also recognize some Russian, and American based letters in Baron. It is likely that some of the settlers may have been from other countries besides Japan.

The Current State of the Empire
As of current, the empire hold well over 25,000 star systems, at least 2,000 of which, have populated planets. The total population is about 960 billion people, of which, about 35 million, are Abh, 1,600+ of which, are Nobles with a status of Earl or higher. The rest of the people are Terrans living on ground worlds, or are merely Abh in title. The total population of the Human Union is about 1.1 trillion. I don't know how many warships are in the Star Forces, but id estimate somewhere around 15,000. And of course, most of the Abhs, aside from the 2 million living at the capital, are in the navy.

Information about the population count was generously provided by Shawn38