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Welcome to NationSafugnoff v4.0!

I created this site as a fan site for the popular anime Seikai no Senki. I'v been working on the site for about a year now and its come along way. It originaly started when i created a webpage for COTS with some pics on it, and the rest is history. ^__^

Seikai no Monshou
the first installment in the seikai series by Morioka Hiroyuki (novel author). it basically starts out when ghintec is a young boy, about 7 or 8 years old. anyways, the abh fleet under the command of Dusnh arrives in the Hide Star system to take control of the space suroundng the nearby gate. the people of his world are panicking as do the people of many worlds, so he is escorted to the presedential estate where his father is preparing to announce their surrender. after the surrender of the Hide government, Ghintec's father Rock Hide becomes Earl of the Hide system which means Ghintec is next in line for the position. he is sent of to an academy to learn the abh language and customs for a few years. and after he graduates he will be taken to a military academy to become a supply officer. he is quite shocked when Lamhirh comes to take him to the gothlauth cause shes the first true abh hes seen. they arrive at the patrol ship and head toward the capital. on the way their the ships is ambushed by 10 enemy assault ships and Ghintec and Lamhirh are forced to escape in a communication craft. half way their they encounter trouble in the Feubdash territory but afterit is resolved they make their way to the capital which has been attacked by an enemy fleet. they are forced to make a crsh landing on the planets surface and encounter yet more trouble. they finaly get some help from some revolutionaries and escape in a coffin launched by a rocket!

well just a brief summary of the series, i wont spoil you too much. im working on an in-depth review for all 3 series but it will be some time before its complete

Questions, comments, suggesions, em to me, im more than happy to answer your questions or get any feedback ^_^


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