The Abh system of measurments

The Abh use a system of measurments that is based of of the metric system. the main difference is that the Prefixs change every 4 decimal places, rather than every 3, like in the metric system. For example, 10,000 CM would be equel to 1 ├╝eth. Their measurment of length is Dagh (centemeters), and weight is Bau (grams). And there is also the Daimon, which is a mesure of gravity. 1 Daimon is equivilent to half of 1G. And their time systemis about the same as well. There are 60 seconds to the minute, 60 minutes to the hour, 24 hours to the day, and 365 days to a year. Since they no longer live in a single system, where a solar calander is needed, they have removed the 1/4 day from the year. The 1/4 day here on Earth is turned into a single day every 4 years, resulting in a "leap year". Since different laws of physics apply to Planer space, i won't post anything about that here, but il post it when i do a page on the Planer Universe. Below are a few diagrams i made for demonstration purposes. ^_^

A simple stair-chart for converting lengths. Prefixs apply to both length and weight. I am unawair of how liquid is measured, sorry.

Just for fun, I've compared the length of the Gothlauth with that of the Saturn V rocket. ^_^

Information regarding Baronh names was provided by Nonchan. All graphs were created by myself for this page only. Please contact me if you wish to borrow them for your site. ^_^