Site Updates


I completed a FAQ page with 33 questions that I get asked alot, that will be here when v4.2 is released on August 15th. So far I have worked out all the errors on v4.2 except a paticularily annoying error in the width of the top section, but it is really only noticable if you are running at a lower resolution, if you are running a higher resolution you probably wont even notice it. I also posted some updates a few days ago on the forums in the "Site Updates" section. :)


Forum banners are up, I am not going to add them to the existing downloads page because it is soo messy as it is. The new one will be alot more organized and cleaner looking. I got a plan for v4.2 set up, what I am going to do is have v4.2.1 which will be the same layout and theme but will still be in traditional html format and then v4.2.2, which will come later, will also hav the same new layout and theme but it will hopefully be in PHP. Launch date for v4.2.1 will probably be mid August and v4.2.2 probably wont be here before the end of the year. When I open 4.2.1 I am also going to have "NationSafugnoff Archieve", where I will upload older versions of the site all the way back to v2.0 for display, they will be left as they were when they were closed so no new content on them, but just for refrence. :P As for those banners, I posted them on the forum for right now, the topic is here: Enjoy! ^_^


worked on splash, the picture will move on the new splash. Also decided to convert the menu to english since most people cannot even figure it out as well as I compensated for a number of errors in Internet Exporer's rendering engine which is really pathetic. I am working on the javascript and the HTML part right now cause I am a total php newb. Anyway, no release date for v4.2 but all I can say is it won't be here anytime soon. Inthe mean time I am gonna try and finish those reviews before school starts. I will NOT be doing a page on Nation Safugnoff the planet as I said simply because of the utter LACK of information available there isn't even enough to make a small page. So that link will be removed for 4.2. Later this month or next month, depending on progress, I may post a screencap of the new layout.


I was rather disapointed with the new layout I made, so trying to perfect the site as always, I started working on another layout which will use the classic color scheme from v2.0. It will be in php and include random title banners that change on every refresh, no resolution restrictions due to size, and possibly an improved splash screen. I also have a list of noted errors and content that needs to be added to existing sections. Right now I am working with a modified version of the layout I made for I never uploaded the site there though since the owner quit and encoders wern't working togather. I already completed the 12 top banners and some of them look really good. Staff positions for the forums are open, there are a few positions left, mainly moderating positions. :) Seikai no Senki (Banner of the Stars) manga hits shelves on August 3rd! Average price about 10 bucks and you can pick them up and Barnes and Noble or any place that sells TOKYPOP products. :D


Updated downloads section. New forum avatars. Sizes are 64x64 and 150x150, made an icon set out of the avatars, sizes are 16x16, 32x32, and 48x48. I am considering making forum banners, one for each of the main characters which would be 3 screencaps cropped and next to eachother divided by a boarder with a color theme matching the personality of that character. They will be 400x120 seeing as that is the most widely accepted standard for size. I also fixed an error on Ghintec's bios, Balmorca pointed it out to me, it said he was 7-8 when the Abh invaded Martine, I belive that should be 9-10, seeing as he spent 7 years in school and was 17 when he got out. thanks for pointing that out! ^_^


Sorry forlack of updates, been rather busy over at AU, but I plan to try and get some of the problems fixed here now that Konichiwa-fansubs site bit the dust so I am out of a job. :P Not that I really mind, more free time. :D Anyways, I already fixed the menu so it works on the forum side now, it would be impossible to get it to work right with the subdomain I got cause different things are in different directories, but it works at least. Managed to get a few Seikai fans from old TTV to the forums. :D


Added link to Kawaii-Radio, awsome J-pop/Anime music! Sorry for the lack of updates prommised, I am currently building a site for a friend in PHP which will soon become The site is still being developed though, havn't got to the testing stage yet. For TAU I have decided to just use a passwordprotected directory for downloading the reps and there will be a password for guests and a password so team members can upload reps. I am currently in the process of trying to gather the old members fromthe TechTV seikai forums to my forum but I'v only found a few thus far.


Due to some most unfortunate circumstances, the konichiwa server is offline untill further notice. It will likely be back in 2 weeks, but untill them, the IRC chat has been relocated to #NationSafugnoff @ Sorry for any inconveniences. ^_^


The old forums from v3.4 are now re-opened. I finally found the original CSS file on the net so they are now usable. AS well as the v4.1 theme has been applied to those forums. There are already 32 members registered before the CSS file was lost, but more members are always good. :) I have altered the rules a but, Avatar limits arenow 150x150 @ 30k and signature limits are 120x400 @ 100k. I had an avatar that was that size that I just love so I decided to go lenient on the rules. Guest reply is enabled for the questions & comments forum. Enjoy. ^_^


Welcome to 4.1! Galleries are all finished and include thumbnail previews. Reviews comming soon. Everything is done in new format save for indevidual galeries because I used a program to do those automatically. One cannot make 1200+ thumbnails and keep his sanity. Anyways, have a look around, hope you enjoy the new layout and theme. Any questions or comments, just email me or send me a PM over at AU. The TAU site is going to be delayed because I have been busy with this site and I havn't had time to play Starcraft latly. I will anounce a later release date for TAU site, but a prototype layout can be found here:


All galleries completed and will open when v4.1 launches on the 1st. I am re-doing the galleries using thumbnails so that they will be more dial-up friendly. SHould only take a few seconds for the page to load now rather than a long time for low bandwidth users. No new reviews will be done by the st, I started, but I need to rewatch the series so events are fresh in my mind. I couldn't come to a solution about the menu, so if you are running at 800x600, your gonna want to bump up to 1024x768, otherwise the main page is going to look a bit distorted. I redid the sidebar for the new theme and made it look a lot better as well as I have decided, that for the time being, a background will not be made. However I may change my mind in the future. I am considering opening a PHPBB2 forum forthe site now that I can host it myself it makes thing alot easyer. Added IRC bot [ Naurh ] to the irc channel as well. :)


All galleries will be completed and ready for the launch date. After I finish thegalleries off, I will try to get some reviews finished, but I can't gaurentee they will be all done by the 1st. UPDATE: Navigation menu redone and is now mostly in Baronh, however I was unable to replace some English language items for lack of a fitting Baronh word for it. I am still debating whether or not a background image is a good idea of a bad idea, I think it may help enhance the theme but I am still undecided on that. Still need to test some of the new features, in paticular getting the menu to align correctly at 800x600. The menu should work just fine running at any other resolution above 800x600.


NationSafugnoff beta page complete and will undergo testing. NationSafugnoff v4.1 will open July 1st, 1.5 years after the original NationSafugnoff opened. Team-AU homepage will also officially open the same day for a joint launch of both sites! :D


Continuing work on beta page, all the theme graphics are complete, coding is almost complete as well. The new layout and theme is pretty much set in stone except for a few minor color alterations and some bugs that need attention. Should have it up sometime next week. I forgot to mention, I added a titlepage to the site. I have been wanting to do this for a long time but neverhad the perfect picture to put on it untill now. :D The Baronh on the entry way says "Gosc" which means "welcome" and can also mean "enter". The navigation menu will NOT be in the Frybarec2 fonts because it is impossible to have indevidual tabs in different fonts, therefore, making the whle thing in Baronh isn't possible because it would look low quality andbe rather sluggish in performance. I have also opened a new homepage for Team AU. Team AU is Alternate Universe starcraft team, we play starcraft online at The team just recently formed so the website doesn't have anything in the way of content yet, but for those who are in to starcraft and that ind of stuff, the link is here:


Started graphics for the new layoutyesterday, I'd say I am about 80% done with graphics and about 75% done with the coding. I am going to go ahead and add that topic from the TechTV mesageboards I was taking about to the fanfictin section. Not much else that can be done to them so I will just upload them as is. :)
UPDATE:The site has moved! A very generous friend *cough*Sraz*cough* of mine who just got a paid hosting plan for his site decided to let me use one of his subdomains for my site. The FTP problems shouldn't be a problem anymore. Because I am using a dynamic redirect service, the site will keep the same url as it has now []. All 3 wallpaper packs have been uploaded and are available now. I also eliminated a number of errors in the galleries when revising the source code, so all the ones that are complete should now work properly. New link for Bitmax Studio added to Saudec Page, and I will continue work on the beta page. :D


Still working on the new layout, I managed to get some help with the menu so that is comming on a little more smoothly now. Although I still havn't been able to get a working prototype up yet, but I am hoping to have a bete of the new theme up by sometime this July so anyone can play around with it and comment on it. But overall I'd say I've made quite a bit of progress over the last day. I might have to dump the Baronh fonts for the menu to make it happen, but I am still experimenting with it. :P UPDATE: I FINALLY got the menu to render PROPERLY! I am just soo excited now that it works! :D Stil have a few kinks on it that need to be looked into bit the hard stuff is all done. I am hoping to have that test page ready by July. Getting the menu was the hard part, I still have to finsih the layout of the page and theme as well as some graphics and it shuld be ready to role. :)


I have been struggling with the DHTML menu java for 7 hours now, so I am about ready to give up because I swear this coding has a defiant personality of its own. I might do another review this weekend or sometime next week if I feel up to it. 7 hours of coding javascript give one a headache, LOL!


Seikai manga hits shelves tommorow! :^D In other news, I decided I will attempt a little experiment with the new theme, I plan to add a DHTML drop-down menu located on the top, but the catch is, that it will be in Baronh. And not those crappy text GIFs, I plan to try and use the regular font so it could be highlighter or whatever. The goalis to get it to work on systems that don't have the font installed. Still working on it, really complecating and lot of coding involved, but so far its looking goo. The plan is to integrate the site into a new PHP based layout because it is more flexible and allows for alot more features which HTML doesn't support. The TechTV topic is almost ready for display, I hope to have it up this weekend, but It wont have any of the original banners or anything, but it will still retain the original layout and appearence so it will be easyer to read. I think for rightnow that i am going to go ahead and use a temporary solution to the gallery issues by linking to the old ones. I will eventually try and fix the problem, but for now, this quick fix will just have to make do. Its a minor setback, but I am sure I will figure something out sooner or later.


I am still having difficulties with the server, the move will have to be delayed, but I plan to close the old fateback adress on the 10th as planned. If all else failes I will have to link to the old galleries because I havn't been able to upload the screenshots yet or the wallpaper packs. just 4 more days untill the Seikai manga hits shelves, so better reserve your copy, I know I got mine on hold! :D School is almost out so I will begin working on that topic for display. Got alot of coding to do on that torestore the original look. :P


Sorry about the lack of updates, the FTP serveris having issues, but I am working on it. I may add a PERL script to the new layout allowing a random Seikai quote every refresh, so if you have some quotes, please sumit them, the more the better. I am also working on reconstructing an old topic from the TechTV boards for viewing purposes. Butbecause I do not have the messageboard CSS, I wont be able to enable replys, sorry. But it is hilarious, so It will be worth while. :D


G4TechTV merger was on the 28th of May, to show support for TechTV, I will keep the TTV Anime badge up on the side bar permanantly. Please don't click on the link as it is now a 404:not found error. 7 days untill Seikai no Monshou manga hits the shelfs! Can't wait! :-D


Added a new fanfic to the fanfic section, still having problems with the FTP server which is stalling the move. 10 more days until Seikai no Monshou manga hits store shelves!


No updates, just though I'd say that the Seikai no Monshou manga (TokyoPop) hits store shelves June 8th, in 14 days! It can be bought at Barnes & Noble, and any other stores that carry TokyoPop Manga, or it can be ordered online from TokyoPop, or on EBay. :-D


The NationSafugnoff IRC chat is now open. The main purpose is for requesting seikai MP3s though. I have set up an IRC Help page for IRC newbies who are just getting started with some help and 6 simple steps as well as some tips for troubleshooting problems. THe IRC Help page is located in the download section. I have not been able to get the wallpaper packs uploaded yet, so don't be surprised if you get a 404, sorry. I also fixed the welcome image because I noticed an error that it was too large for low res users. So it should work just fine now for 800x600 users. :)


the move is comming along slower then first expected. I have had a few issues with getting screenshots uploaded, but other than that, everything is going really smoothly. I updated the download section by adding a ton of new wallpapers for it and I spiced up the frames in there with some nifty designs that dont require any pictures. :D Still working on the new layout which when ready, i will take a snapshot of it and try and post a poll, so DO vote because I want to see what people think of it. But like i said, it is still nowhere near done. I still have alot of details to work out. Also added a link to BarMark, the creater of the font sets. Yes, I finally found the site. :P


Version 4.0 is now open. Still continuing on the move, I also made a new header set so the site can be viewed at 800x600 now. I am also working on yet another theme which I will be trying to post a poll about to see if people like it but its still a ways away from being ready. :) Also, it has come to my attention that a number of errors in the way the site loads or appears at lower resolutions such as 800x600. If something doesnt seem to load right, PLEASE do inform me so I can set it right. I am running at a high resolution so I don't always catch the errors. Any bugs reported would be GREATLY appriciated! Thanks! ^__^
UPDATE: The forums are now permanantly closed. The theme hosting site was knocked offline, therefore all the code for the theme is invalid and the board is totaly done for. All the coding is ruined so It is very difficult to post and navigate and I am unable to get another theme at the moment or make one. I will not be considering opening another board for sometime, Sorry.


The site has moved to! I havn't finished the move yet, but if all goes well I hope to be completly set up by the 10th of June. The fateback adress will remain open till the move is completed, assuming everything goes smoothly. I also added the top banner of the site to the forums which are under the same adress. I will be working on fixing the homepage for 800x600 users to go along with the framed site. there will be no adds at the new host, but since I'm using a dynamic redirect service, you may get an occasional popup. I'd just recomend using some type of popup blocker because they tend to do a world of good anyways. :)


I used cells to creat avatars 4-7, that i found on anther anime site a great while back and the real owner of the cells found my site so i wsnt aware of the true owner untill recently. so full credit and link is givin now. sorry for any confussions. :^P I am also working on a new welcome image. the current one wont be up much longer because it fell far short of my epectations of it, so im not to happy with how it turned out. the new one will be better. i may try and standardize the sizes as well :)


the fanfic section is up, there is only 1 fanfic so far, but i am working on getting a few more. any submissions would be greatly appriciated. :) Work has been comming slow lately, but i think i may have come to a conclusion on a new host. im still working on some minor broblems before i move completely.


well, i found 2 new hosts that are better, but since im having some trouble, i havnt been able to get the site uploaded to them. im still trying cause i really dont like those banners atop of every page. eventually i hope to move to one of the 2 hosts because of more bandwidth , no banners, more space, etc. i also got the [ifram] code to work again. ill leave the site updates link on the sidebar just incase anyone wants to view the list the old fashoned way :-P


went for a new set of title bar images today. the MINIMUM resolution required to view this site is now 1024x768. due to the new table-based layout, it was an unavoidable conflict. if your running at 800x600, you will need to go up one level for your resolution. viewing of the site at 800x600 will cause the html to not render properly and the page will look distorted. if you cannoy possibly view the site at 1024x768 or up, then CLICK HERE for the old index page which is low res friendly :)


the new theme is complete. as you can tell, it still requires a few tweaks. and i had to sacrifice the [iframe] to make it work right. the news link is back on the side like before. i will try to find some alternative means of displaying it on the main oage though ^_^ UPDATE: iv tweaked the new layout a bit, so the colors matchup better. also decided to use an older navbar untill i make a better one.


new welcome image up. i think its one of the best ones yet. also fixed the version #. it said v3.2, but it was supposed to be v3.5 ^_^


all Seikai no Senki II screenshots are now complete. im currently looking into a new site layout. i know i want to kep the same theme, or something similar, but i wanna get a new, more professional looking layout :)


just for fun, i added a page on the measurment system :P


added a section about the history of the empire. it also has a section on the page which describes how Baron evolved from Japanese, as well as a few interesting facts i decided to attatch to the last section of the page ^_^


all of the Seikai no Senki screenshots are now complete ^_^


a few typos have been brought to my attention, i have fixed all the typos on the two character profile pages. other information pages were previously checkd butif you notice any, plz DO say so so i can re-check them for errors :) also, i will be on vaction untill the 10th of April, so dont be surprised if you cant contact me :P PS. i think you noticed the other update i did :D i got tired of the red on black and since summers just aroun the corner, i decided to go with a more airy, light colored theme :D


Completed the full review of Seikai no Monshou, its posted in the information section ^_^


Completed the Terran profiles. now that i got all the profiles squared away, i plan to either finnsih the screenshots or work on some more information for the series.


created a new welcome image. this time the site name is in Baron and in Frybarec2 font in the correct form :) i also fixed a typo on the Abh bios page. i may finnish up the Terran profiles this weekend and i might start a merchandise page and have them listed by category and ill try and have a pic of the different items as well as places where they can be purchased. unfortunantly i will not be putting DVD covers up as there are so many of them. but i will have pics of some of the books or posters maybe.


repaired one more link on the link page, fixed some links on the index page, and completed the bios page for Abh characters. still working on the Terran page. i also decided to go for a new layout which is much easyer and faster to read and standardized the bios image sizes to 80x80 @ 13k each. this way, the section is more dial-up friendly and takesless time to load ^_^


well iv been thinking and came up with a list of thing to upgrade on my site for this summer
1. full length review of all 3 installments
2. page of some basic baronh terms :D
3. new layout
4. finnish up my screenshots and my info sections
5. i MAY add a page on plane space and planer universe but itd require a considerable amount of research.
6. i want to move the updates section onto an iframe on the mainpage
7. MAY start work on baronh page
8. review of the manga
9. i want to try and get a new, BETTER host with more bandwidth
10. i might add a page for Stargate SG-1. i attempted to make a site for the series a year ago but abandoned work and concentrated on my seikai site. but eh, its my favortie NON-anime series out there so it will be fun :D
as for more immediate updates, i want to convert all the labels and links on the navbar into baronh using photoshop GIFs so it will look better.

and i recently bought the visual fanguide off ebay so i ma scan some things from there and post them. but since itis in japanese, i can gaurentee i wont be able to post a review ofit, srry :P

btw, if anyone has good recommenations for a webhost, can you plz say so.

-need at LEAST 2 gigs monthly transfer
-50mb storage
-no banners/popups (like fateback plan, but better :P )

thx :)


repaired a link on the link page, added a "minimum requirments section to the credits page ^_^


fixed broken link for the frybarec2 font sets, added a readme file to the package. if you are the creatorof the font plz email me so i can give u the credit because im not sure who made the font in the first place. also, wallpapers are no longer up for download, technical difficulty, sorry. if you want one, plz email me. i have several others iv made which are better so just ask. again, my email HERE. also, anyone with questions, feel free to ask them by email or on the forums. if you dont want toregister there is a NationSafugnoff questions section and guest reply is enabled :)


iv added a copy of the anthem and the new message board is officially open to the public! click here. i was unable to get the MySQL database so i decided to go with an invisionfree board but thats ok for now cause i got a sweet skin and all the graphics look like they work right


sorry about the lack of site updates recently, i havnt abandoned the site, i just ran out of ideas. in recent news i have a bunch of new wallpapers i made that ill work on getting them posted. i was unable to get the rights to the english transelation of the natinal anthem (couldnt reach the owner of the transelation) however i will be putting up the baronh version sometime. i havnt gotten a MySQL database yet so i havnt been able to get the forum off the ground. it might be awhile. im gonna try and get more timly on updates though. i might get the anthem section up tonight. or at least by this weekend itl be ready ^_^


added link to AnimeSuki


LOTR is out! yay! also added new theme for mainpage!


redid all html files for faster loaing times


updated Link page, added 5 new links. added new pic for the homepage


updated credits page to include new software. also added navigation menu to the Society and Culture page


added section for other people's fanart in the fan art section, also working on the new forum.


ivbeen getting a little slow on the updates lately. lol, anyways, i found new wat to have an even better forum than the invisionfree forum soim working on that but encountering some problems so itl be awhile before i get it up and running. considering moving to simply cause the plan is better but im still testing it out.


Happy Thanksgiving! today is thanksgiving, had some company over and talked, had some dinner. today i set up a new Fan Art page with small previews of pictures, click on them to view full sized image


added an About Me page to the site with links to my favorite non-anime websites, also added 2 new seikai links on the links page


added a credits page to the site. decided against the chat caue theres just not enough people to make it happen. still working on the messageboard problem. i also got around to fixing the counter. i added in the 1600 hits from before i added the new counter in late september plus the existing 456 hits since i added the counter so its set to the CORRECT number, finaly! ^_- im working on an "enter" page but so far it isnt working out like id hoped it would so i think i might ditch that idea in favor of something else. but i dont know what that something else is...yet, anyways....


uploaded new layout, still working on it, i might add an intro page before the index for fun. considering doing a FAQ section cause i answer same questions all the time. also created new site banner for the top, im quite happy how it came out but i might edit it a little bit. maybe change the text style. still working on getting thenavigation menu pictures to connect togather but im not having to much success with that right now... i might put the national anthem up but i dont have permission to use Dadh Baronr's Baronh translation yet. but its on my future projects list^^


in the process of removing background music cause it doesnt work anymore, added new drawing of Lamhirh to fanart section, invisionfree servers crash, plans for new message board postponed indefinantly. i may consider it at a later date in time. still working on new layout. going to merge number of visitors with number of visiters to v2.0.


added Copyright Notice to site, currently working on a new theme, still have no plans. i might make a new top banner and im going to create anew linkme image cause my current one isnt standard size and i dont like it at all


new navigation bar created, homepage updated, re-organized download page, removed some background music, still working on the rest. New message Boards opining in Janurary to replace the old one which had limited sucess.


added Alternate Universe to the Saudec page, re-arranged links into table, standardized link image sizes, new forum under construction for v3.2


low bandwidth section added, site added to TechTV Anime Master List (see link on homepage)


set up chat time, officially closed NationSafugnoff Beta version, added charts to Lubarec section
(borrowed charts from Lemharth)


worked on galleries. added SNM ep#1-2, SNS ep#10-11, fixed SNM gallery main page, new gallery format created, still working on screenshots


added page on the 5 interstellat nations


submitted site to be added to TechTV master list of anime website, still waiting to see if site got accepted


Added IRC chat to site, finished messgae boards, and last but not least, i FINALY, FINALY created a page all about the Star Field Navy! ya, so i did a lot of work on my site today^^


1st Anniversary Celebration!

As some may know, Janurary marks the first anniversary of Nation Safugnoff. it all started when i saw COTS on TechTV in janurary, then toward the end of that month, i was working on a webpage. this is the 3rd site ive made for the series. i dumped the webpage for NS v1.0 which later became NS v2.0 when i rebuilt everything. and now this is Nation Safugnoff v3.1, created July of 2003 and unveiled in august. since then alot has happened to the site, but ive kinda neglected it for the past few months because of certain issues in my life. so for the 1st anniversary, i plan to have the info section and galleries entirely finished and ill have a special 1st anniversary pic to commemorate Nation Safugnoff 3.2! in adition, ive added messgae boards to the site and i will have an IRC chat as well. so basically, i have a LOT of work to do!^^