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Welcome to NationSafugnoff v4.1!

This site has been dedicated to the Seikai universe of Morioka Hiroyuki since Janurary of 2003. Hope you enjoy the site, if there are any problems with it, please contact me so I can get them fixed as soon as possible. And for the Starcraft fans out there, be sure to visit the companion site, Team-AU.no-ip.org for all of Team-AU's replays of every match and coverage as well!

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I completed a FAQ page with 33 questions that I get asked alot, that will be here when v4.2 is released on August 15th. So far I have worked out all the errors on v4.2 except a paticularily annoying error in the width of the top section, but it is really only noticable if you are running at a lower resolution, if you are running a higher resolution you probably wont even notice it. I also posted some updates a few days ago on the forums in the "Site Updates" section. :)


Forum banners are up, I am not going to add them to the existing downloads page because it is soo messy as it is. The new one will be alot more organized and cleaner looking. I got a plan for v4.2 set up, what I am going to do is have v4.2.1 which will be the same layout and theme but will still be in traditional html format and then v4.2.2, which will come later, will also hav the same new layout and theme but it will hopefully be in PHP. Launch date for v4.2.1 will probably be mid August and v4.2.2 probably wont be here before the end of the year. When I open 4.2.1 I am also going to have "NationSafugnoff Archieve", where I will upload older versions of the site all the way back to v2.0 for display, they will be left as they were when they were closed so no new content on them, but just for refrence. :P As for those banners, I posted them on the forum for right now, the topic is here: http://s4.invisionfree.com/NationSafugnoff/index.php?showtopic=120 Enjoy! ^_^

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For a complete list of updates dating back to November 7, 2003,
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Hope you enjoyed your stay!