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.: Petition to get the Seikai novels Published in the United States :.

October 15, 2004Moved

I havn't completed the move yet but I decided I will post a moving link anyways. I updated the splash image to link to the new site or to this page. A few things, the Baronh dictionary is still under construction, we have A-B done so far and we are working on that, and there are errors on the site, its still under heavy construction. The domain name isn't in place yet, so the link is only temporary right now. The galleries wont be up any time soon because they need to be reformatted for the new layout, but we are working on it. :) I also set up a staff page, so you can check that out, it has a list of all the site's staff members, there are currently 10 right now, and the forums are also growing fast and we are getting translated novels which will eventually be offered for download, no ETA on that at the momet. I'm not gonna list the new features, I'll just let you guys check the new site out, hope you like it! Many thanks to cyberstorm for designing the site for us! BTW dont worry, this site will remain online as well so if ya like the current layout better its not going anywhere. :P

A link can be found to the new location on the splash page, or here:
The Abh Nation

October 07, 2004Baronh Dictionary

Well I dought I will do any more updates to the old site (this site), I am still busy working on the new site which is infinatly easyer to update, plus I can update it from anywhere without FTP access. I am also working on a Baronh dictionary, along with Parnegle, we hope to have a small dictionary started soon, and we will continue to add terms to it as we go along. New site might be up as soon as a week, maybe not for another month, but its moving along rather smoothly so far. :)

October 03, 2004Back!

Sorry for no updates, I have been unable to connect to my FTP server since my last update. I don't have any site updates, but a friend, cyberstorm, and I, are working on the php layout and trust me, it will be worth the wait. The site will even be getting a domain name, as well as new forums with no adds and the new layout is AMAZING! Its way better than anything you have ever seen on this site. Also, I have agreed to rename the site, 'The Abh Nation' because it is rapidly expanding. There is a TON of activity on the forums and some REALLY interesting topics so go check it out! :D

September 14, 2004New Staff positions open

I would like to announce that we will be holding elections for 7 moderator positions, and 1 global moderator position this week! If your interested make sure you post a reply on the "mod elections" topic in the general discussion area of the forum. :) The remaining 2 global mods and regular mod will be appointed later this week. :)

September 12, 2004Our first ally

I'm happy to say that NationSafugnoff is now allied to The Otaku Army! Its a very exciting alliance and I'm really glad it happened, thanks to Sora!

September 12, 2004Petition posted

The Seikai petition is now posted! We expect the petition to further develop over the following weeks or two. A perminant link will remain on the index page. :)

September 11, 2004Re: BIG news!

Yesterday I prommised I had some BIG news to post, well I am very excited to announce that Seikai no Senki III (Banner of the Stars III) is going to get animted! The estimated release date in Japan will be early 2006, at which time we can expect to see fansubs available. I know this is very exciting news so I was really thrilled when I heard it myself! There are also rumours of a possible live action Seikai series, but still they are only rumours. I will keep everyone posted on any updates about the BOTSIII series! Of course the best way to keep informed is to check out the forums, news generally arrives there before I it gets to this page. :D Daisaire to BOTSIII! :D

September 10, 2004BIG news!

Well I thought I would notify you all that on Saturday (tommorow), I will be making a MAJOR announcement that will likly cause quite a stir! If you like Seikai than you wouldn't miss this one for the world! I alsowan't to update you on the petition, we will be holding a chat at 9PM Eastern Standard Time, September 11, 2004 to discuss the contents of the petition, which will hopefully be ready by sunday afternoon! All are welcome to come and participatein the discussion. So if you have something to say or wan't to get in on the action, the forums are a great place to start! There is also an IRC applet under the "Interact" tab of the menu, if your a newbie with technology, just use that, its really easy and self explanitory, there is nothing to it. :D Again, a BIG announcement tommorow, VERY VERY big news!

September 08, 2004Petition!

Myself and a group of members from the forum are preparing a formal petition to get the Seikai novels published in the United States, we hope to get it in place this weekend and we want to try and get 1000 people to sign it before we submit it! So if you like the series, dont be affraid to sign, you vote counts! I don't have an exact time but I will likly get it in place this weekend and have it up for a month or so. But DO sign the petition, it could make a difference! And even if it doesn't, it will still show the companies that there is a high demand for the novels! There is a discussion on the forums about what will be stated in the petition so if ya want to add something make sure you get your word in, the more people who sign it, the better! Well, anyways, I am pretty excited about it myself. :D

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