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This page will help you make an Abh name for yourself...

First so you know an Abh name is made up of four parts; Clan Name, Family Name, Title, and Given Name.
Ablïarsec + néïc Dobreuscr + Boerh Parhynr + Lamhirh
To get a Clan Name use your last name...
The family name starts with a family title, of which there are six; one for the royalty "néïc," three for peerage "bausec, arounn and ssynec," and two for knights "üémh and borgh." But you will only be able to use two titles because you are not decended from the orignal 29 Abh, so you will have to use "borgh" or "ssynec." The name is from the founder of the family sence you are the founder you will use your first name like this, say your first name is "John" and you became a Abh knight then your new family name would be "borgh Johnr" (the r at the end is not prenounced).
Only the peerage and royalty have a title, the way the title is written is first the nobel class, then the territory. The nobel classes in order of lowest to highest are; Baron = lymh, Viscount = boerh, Count or Earl = dreuc, Marquees = loebh, Duke = laicer, Great Duke = nimh.
Last of all there is your given name, just use your first name.
And now a few rules of the writing the Abh language, "Baronh."
Difficult to prenounce from the way they look,  
"mh" and "ph" should be said as F
"bh" should be said as V
"dh" shoud be said as a voiced TH
"ch" should be said as SH
"gh" should be prenounced as J (also all Js should be changed to GH as there is no Ath letter for J)
"th" should be prenounced as a silent TH
"nh" should be prenounced as "gne" in French (I think)
"rh" should be the same as a normal r
The "ec" at the end is almost never prenounced.



I may add a Baronh page sometime...