Welcome to Gairh Basrogrh Version 3.0

There have been 2 other versions of Gairh Basrogrh, one of them has been online a is online and and can be seen here, the Version 2.0 was never released on the internet, and it had Flash buttons and was no going to be a very dial-up friendly, and I thought about it and decieded to make this, Gairh Basrogrh Version 3.0.

This site is mainly image galleries, and there is going to be some information on this site, I hope to make a gallery of the crests of Abh nobel and Royal families, and also the crests of warships.

My galleries of Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou, Age Dadr ), and Banner of the Stars (Seikai no Senki , Glac Dadr), are incompleate because I don't have all of the DVDs yet, I hope to have the first DVD of Crest of the Stars soon, and I hope to have Volume 3 of Banner of the Stars shortly after May 20th.

I hope that you will enjoy your visit to my website, and if you have any comments or questions or suggestions please send them to: crestofthestars@scbglobal.net

I am also avalible on Aol Instant Messanger as "boerhsertner or boerh sertner" and I can also be contacted through Yahoo Instant Messanger under the screenname that is the same as the e-mail address above.