★The Abh Nation History 2002-2004★

The Motive

How did The Abh Nation begin? Why did it begin? In December 2002 I saw commercials on TechTV for a new show called, "Crest of the Stars". I watched TechTV because I was fascinated by technology, not anime. However the trailers were captivating, and I decided to give the show a chance. I watched the late-night runs, loving the show more and more each day. After 13 days, I was hopelessly hooked on the series, and decided to venture out onto the internet in search of more information.

This search led me to the, "TechTV Anime Unleashed Message Boards" where I discovered a small following of fans. A few were already working on simple web pages at the time, so I decided to see if I could make my own webpage. This is how NationSafugnoff, later to be The Abh Nation, was born. The first version of the site was crude at best. It consisted of just three pages. First, an index page with a large image of Lamhirh below the site's name. Secondly it featured a gallery page with an assortment of images from the series. Lastly, it had a page with links to other web pages for the Seikai series.

Fierce Competition

It wasn't too long after the first version of NationSafugnoff was published to the web, that a friendly competition arose amongst my fellow TechTV members. We decided to have a competition to see who could build the best Seikai website. Initially there were four contestants in this friendly competition, Lemharth, Boerh_Sertner, masoninc61, and myself, ACIDSTEALTH. Lemharth had already established her own site, "Frybarec Gloar Gor Bari" as the dominant site. Her site was filled with tons of information on the series, as well as some downloads. Boerh_Sertner's, "Gairh Basrogrh" was not the most well known site, but certainly the most advanced. His site featured a button navigation menu and extensive image galleries.

Initially, masoninc61's, "Crest of the Stars" website was ahead of NationSafugnoff because it received more traffic. However with the release of NationSafugnoff v2.0 in March of 2003, his site fell to fourth place in the competition, which received much input from other TechTV members, not participating in the web design aspect. Although NationSafugnoff has finally ascended to third place, the site was still inferior to Lemharth and Boerh_Sertner's sites. After releasing NationSafugnoff v3.1, the nation, as I always refer to my site as, was on the road to surpassing Boerh_Sertner's site. NationSafugnoff was becoming more than just an image gallery, it now had a section for information on the series. However the success was short-lived when Lemharth and Boerh_Sertner released updated versions of their sites. It seemed inevitable that NationSafugnoff would remain at the butt-end of the competition.


Undeterred by slow progress, I began focusing more effort on developing the design of the site, and adding information. Within four months I released v3.2, which had a flashier design than v3.1. Then I redesigned the whole site, releasing v3.5. Version 3.5 also had additional information and was more organized. Around this time, Boerh_Sertner mysteriously disappeared. No one ever discovered his true fate. All that is known is his site went offline in early 2004. This inadvertently pushed NationSafugnoff into second place, yet the nation was still vastly inferior to Lemharth's, "Frybarec Gloar Gor Bari".

Still undeterred I pressed on, releasing v4.0, which was a patched up version of 3.5. The upgrade received little attention. By this time, I was more knowledgeable with HTML and JavaScript. I decided to release a new site that would aim to trump Lemharth's site in both design, usability, and content. Thus in July of 2004, I launched NationSafugnoff v4.1. From the start, the site was a spectacular failure. The layout did not work. The navigation component was problematic at best. The site did not feature any new content, and the color scheme resembled regurgitated oatmeal. The site was a spectacular failure that received much scorn from the public.

Still undeterred I pushed to release NationSafugnoff v4.2 just 45 days later. At last, NationSafugnoff would no longer accept second place. Version 4.2 was the golden ace the nation needed to succeed. It was user friendly, easy to navigate, highly organized, and featured a splattering of new content and galleries. It also featured a new theme with a dynamic banner and splash page. Simultaneously, the NationSafugnoff Forums were exploding with activity. NationSafugnoff was now the most popular English language Seikai website, but was it good enough to be declared the winner?


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