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Civil War

With our contract cancelled, and the nation's recession in full swing, civil unrest was rampant, most fervently among the staff members. A small group of those staff members, led by one staff member who had conspired to get the nation's contract with TOKYOPOP cancelled, resigned. They believed that with the advent of the constitution, the nation had been severely mismanaged. They attempted to recruit members to their own site, whose goal was to trump The Abh Nation. Ultimately one of those staff members leaked the plot, and the rebellion was quickly crushed. Those responsible were admitted to Abh Hell and publically humiliated for their actions. None-the-less, the rebellion only served to push the nation from a deep recession into a full-blown depression of activity, from which it never recovered. Nearly one fourth of the active members left the nation, including half of the staff members, mostly senior staff members. The civil war spelled doom for the nation, pushing it beyond a point of recovery.

Into the Abyss

With a recession of activity that started in early 2007, and turned into a depression by the end of that year, the nation's future seems bleak. In the end, the nation is fueled by the fans, who are fueled by new content. With no new content set to be released anytime soon, the nation seems destined to sit idle a the bottom of an abyss for the rest of time. Thus I have decided to work on preserving the legacy of the nation. Even when the last lights go out of The Abh Nation, our legacy will not be forgotten. We (members) can say without boasting, that we were responsible for bringing the novels to America, and that is our legacy.

In addition to this archive, I also reworked the content on the entire site, eliminating typos and non-canonical information. The Abh Nation is at last complete. I can now say without any shadow of doubt, that I have won the contest that begun so many years ago.


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