The Abh society is broken up into two large groups. One group the Abh, the other: the people they rule. With in the group the Abh are divided into sub-divisions based on birth, lineage, and title. On the top of the Abh culture is the eight royal families, The Empire it self is broken up into eight sections, each with a certain Royal Family as the head of the territory. Lamhirh is from the néïc Dobreuscr house.

Fallowing that is the nobles, there are high ranking nobles such as the Great Duchess Spaurh, and low ranking nobles, such as the Baron Feubdach.

Abh nobles can have servants under their rule, even the low ranking Feubdach. These servants can by male or female as well as being human or even an Abh. Their tasks are quite different from what most people would think. This can be from highly trained technicians, skilled engineers or simply house cleaners.

The definition for "Abh" has two meanings; one is a species distinct from Homo sapiens, while the other is "royalty", "nobles" and "knights". So if anyone who is not an Abh genetically but achieves any of those ranks are legally Abh. For instance Ghintec, is not an Abh biologically but is an Abh legally. Although if Ghintec is to have any children they will go throughout the gene manipulation and become Abh biologically, so both meanings correspond with each other.

The difference between Abhs and Humans is that Abhs can live for almost 200yrs, have natural blue hair, have the Space Sensory Origin and are very beautiful. The Space Sensory Origin, is very important to the Abh, especially because of their life style. This distinct trait appears as a diamond shape on their forehead, but is actually a bundle of more than 100 million "eyes". If an Abh was to put on one of their tiaras and connect it to a space ship they would be able to feel what is going on around them, and control the ship with great ease.

When Abh have children they must go through the genetic manipulation, there the genes will be examined and moved to either an artificial uterus or back into their body. Then at birth the children will still be an Abh. Because of their beauty they are called the "Art of Genetic Manipulation" But Abh never use appearances as a source of pride. They care more on how they behave and would rather be called "elegant" than "lovely"

Aside from living for 200yrs they age very differently. They grow up just like humans until they are around the age of 15, and for the next 25yrs age about in 10yrs in appearance, this is called their "growth" and the time after 25yrs "maturation"

As to claiming being the "Kin of the Stars", they are born and live the majority of their lives in Space, and actually fear going onto the surface world.

Abhs who are part of the empire are broken up into classes, as stated above. With in the Empire is the eight royal families, the head of the royal families is called a King or Queen. They each have their own respective territory that then makes the up the Empire.

Ghintec is called a "prince" the word doesn't mean he is related to the Empress. This means he has an inhabited planet under them. A Baron and Viscount do not have such a plant in their territory, but if a Viscount is to have their planet become terra-formed they will be promoted to Earl, if the population reaches 100 million they will be promoted to Marquees. On the other hand a Baron has no chance at becoming promoted.

There is also a difference between a national and a subject. A subject is under the control of the ruler of it's region, the Empire has no right to interfere with the relation between the subject and it's ruler, but they can always join the Star Field Navy and become a national, there they may have a chance of being promoted to an Abh.

The Names used by the Abhs are broken up into four parts. Clan name, family name, title and given name.

Clan names are rarely changed with the Abh but it doesn't necessarily mean that a member with the same clan name has any social ties with the other. These names are usually handed down with the family name. The Imperial Family is different from the other clans. Those who are not an heir to the Queen/King are no longer allowed to use the name Ablïarsec and are instead given a new clan name.

A family name shows what family you belong to with in a clan. Each family name begins with a title, which there are six. Néïc is for the Royal family. Bausec, arounn and ssynec for the Peerage, and üémh and borgh for the knights. Bausec is used by descendants of the Imperial Family. Arounn and üémh shows that ones family has existed before the creation of the Empire. So those with the title néïc, bausec, arounn or üémh can claim descent of the Abh's 29 original Clans. Titles such as baurgh is used by new Abhs who was once a grounder, and üémh and baurgh can be promoted to ssynec, through success in the Star Field Navy.

Titles, if any are placed in the name as well. Lets look at Ghintec's and Lamhirh's names.

Linn Ssynec Rocr Ïarlucec Dreur(Earl) Haïder Ghintec

Ablïarsec Néïc Dubleuscr Boerh(Viscount) Parhynr Lamhirh

The words Druec and Boerh show that they are of the nobility as well as their rank with in the society. Combined with the possessive case of their domain names, makes it Haïdec and Parhynh. So when looking at it Ghintec is the heir to the Haïdec system as Earl, The word Ïarlucec means that they are the heirs to their title. ïarlumec is then used for women. In Senki Ïarlucec is removed and Druer is changed to Druec.

There are other instances with characters such as "Bibauth Aronn Nellémr Rüé Dreuc Nellésr Nélaith" He id an Imperial Peerage, he has no domain so his family name is used instead, no one can succeeded his title, he had earned the title Earl because of his rank in the Star Field Navy.

Baronh Japanese English
fasanzœrh kouzoku Royalty
speunaigh koutei Emperor/Empress
larth ou King/Queen
Peerage (kizoku, simh)
Princes/Princesses (shokou, bhodac)
nimh dai-koushaku Great Duke/Great Duchess
Laicer koushaku Duke/Duchess
loebh koushaku Marquess
dreuc hakushaku Earl
Peerage who are not a bhodac
boerh shishaku Viscount
lymh danshaku Baron
Knights (juushi, reucec)
lémh kokumin Citizen
sosec shinmin Subjects

Lots of help from Seikai no Monshou (Crest of the Stars), Gateway to Seikai and of course the anime it self.