TV edits

It had been brought to my attention that when Crest of the Stars was aired on TV there were edits done to the episodes to fit the time blocks. For those of you who may know that the last episode is rather long and had been put under the cuter board. So I am here to post what was left out, I do not have Techtv so if there are other scenes removed that I missed please let me know. ^^

Note: I included the lines from the English track, Bandai subtitles, and the Bootleg subtitles. As I’ve said before the bootleg subs in general translation wise is better than Bandai…anywhoo sometimes it’s a little weird

Ghintec and Lamhirh's break

Spaurh's teasing of the two

Three years later

If you like you may uses this information on your own webpage. I ask that you please link back saying you got this information here, and not alter it even if I made a mistake and you would like to fix it. Thank you very much.