Fan Art

Do you have fan art? Want it on the net, well feel free to contact me on my forum and I will be more than happy to put it up. I need you to tell me in advance before sending, I will not open the email unless I am aware of it coming. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Here is some that I did tell you the truth I don't really like these, wait no a better way to express how I feel about them is I hate them, but I am nice and thought I would put them up for you all to see ^^

This one eh?...This was inspired by ISHKAMAFKER over the phone, it's how Spaurh got her ponytail...well how he thinks it is. Basically, she was mean and teased everyone, and well for a prank and revenge they took her beautiful hair and just stuck all sorts of things in it. It got cut off but at the bottom Lamhirh is saying something about being the baby from hell...>_< Don't remember...well anywhoo yeah, and the Bibauth are dancing and singing like Sana-Chan. This was just some fun doodle. This one has been resized several times, and it's still big ^_^ and I had to scan it in three parts to put it together. I titled it Abh Strack of course it's Admiral Spaurh, I'm really happy because it has been accepted in a gallery in my area, along with a bunch of other works of mine. I think this is the most complete of my Seikai drawings...aside from Abh's of Spaurh, and well she's just kind of standing there. I needed to clean it up some more by erasing some of the extra pencil marks. The crest is from Senki, I liked that crest better than the one that appeared in Monshou. I did this one in Japanese class, the left side says Spaurh in Baronh while at the top it says Glac Dadr and under it, carsarh gereulacr which means Kin of the Stars, and the very small Japanese is my horribly written Kanji Seikai no Senki. I wanted to color this one and for the background make it a Saudec or something. Just doodles of chibi Seikai characters. Pretty self-explanatory, but over to the right side, that's Excel ^_^ I don't remember what I was doing, but I was just messing around in one of my classes. My favorite is of Cénéch freaking out. As you can tell this one isn't even close to finished ^_^; Ghintec is slouching back and the Basgorh is well...kind of not there. I need to fix this one but eh...don't feel like it. Lamhirh isn't crying, I was trying the shadow effect used in animes, but I don't like it, I shadow things differently, so I never erased the line. I drew it in about 20 or so minutes and just never got back to it. I just had fun drawing Lamhirh's hair. This is just more doodles, which happen to get filled with notes from math. The evil looking guy in the top right hand corner, is of a spoof of something seen on Blackmore's night. But aside from that, this one was drawn write after the whole Spaurh's ponytail gag, so that's why Spaurh is playing with her ponytail. The one freakish looking guy at the bottom is Samson. I was trying something different with my drawing style, but it turned out like crap ^_^ The rest are just pretty much random doodles and so forth, you can see my notes I took during that period. I don't really like this one....actually I don't like this one at all. I think it's ugly. Can't stand it. Should burn it. Should destroy it. Should blow it up with an A-bomb. Should eat it. Should rip it apart into little pieces and scatter each piece across the four corners of the earth, nuke each piece, then gather the pieces, stomp on them, feed them to my dog, burn them again, shot them with a gun, run it over with a tank, then launch it into the sun. But anywhoo...I just don't like it, should redraw her head, her body is too stiff and the clothing is messed up, I drew an outline sketch of the Imperial crest next to her.

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