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Welcome to my Webpage dedicated to Seikai no Monshou (Crest of the Stars) and Seikai no Senki (Banner of the Stars) animated series and novels. This is a fansite for the series, and I'll try to stay update with the most current news on the series.

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Seikai no Monshou, and Seikai no Senki were originally novels, later adapted into animated series, and licensed for US release under the names of Crest of the Stars and Banner of the Stars. The original story spanned out into six novels, and several short stories. Later animated into three series the first two containing 13 episodes and the other 10 episodes. Following those series was two short movies and one OVA.

The story opens to a young boy named Ghintec. In a series of events his home planet is taken over with great ease, form The Humankind Empire of Abh. His father the planet's leader makes a deal with the Empire and he soon finds him self a noble with in the Abh Society. He then meets Lamhirh, a member of the Crÿub Royal family, of the Ablïarsec Clan. The two are thrust into an adventure and years later reunited to become members of the Destroyer, Basrogrh. Their adventures continue as the series is still being written to this day.

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Hello from your dead webmistress. It seems things are starting to go downhill but don't worry I plan on saving the site. So this isn't necessarily an update. ^_^;; I found a new host so the site will be moving (just need to download an FTP client) and I have some fanfiction, images, and information that's coming all with a new layout to help with higher resolution users. From the way things look sense I haven't been doing anything remotely html I forgot how to do simple things…like link to other webpages. So I think I'll ask my friend to help/make me a layout of some sorts. My email isn't so dead anymore because I got a new one! So if you have any questions or comments please feel free to send it to aislairec@yahoo.co.uk


Ah, haven't updated in awhile. I got a few emails asking about more images and why not any more updates.

I haven't abandoned Frybarec Gloer Gor Bari. I've been working on my other new webpage, and well mostly because I haven't had time. Also I am planing for a complete website update, new layout everything. My own layout this time instead of using someone else's, but the layout will be compatible with most screen resolutions out there. Then again I might get lazy and just use another DDG layout because their layouts are really cool!

The reason for there not being any new images to cover the other series is because of a few problems. One is my Seikai no Senki II (Banner of the Stars II) DVDs aren't compatible with my computer. Before you start asking more questions, these DVDs are not the legit ones. Now again don't bite my head off, I bought these long before there being any word of Seikai no Senki II being licensed for US release. For Seikai no Danshou (Passage of the Stars: Birth), that DVD was stolen from me. So without the DVD I can't make any screen captures. If you really want the pictures I suggest checking out other Seikai websites on the net. There are a few that carry those images. :-)

So just keep checking by.

>>10/12/03: Term of Usage page added.
>>10/03/03: Techtv has Acquired the broadcast rights for Banner of the Stars (Seikai no Senki). It will premier on Tuesday November 4th.
>>09/25/03: More links added. (Japanese sites only)
>>09/15/03: A new game regarding the Seikai series is here!! Gainax Japan will be releasing a two disc Windows Simulation game. It includes a short story written by Morioka Hiroyuki and characters from the original novels (Ghintec and Lamhirh) will make several appearances. For more information and images, you can visit the game's webpage here.
>>09/13/03: Poll regarding website can be found on site forum. Thank you for the vote ^^
>>09/11/03: Yay our first fanfiction is up! My heart goes out to those lost on 9/11.
>>09/02/03: Edit page now added. Some updates scattered around, site counter added based off the number of hits I received at anipike. I have also become aware of errors that occasionally appear when viewing my site. I apologize, if a page won't load simply hit reload and it should come up. ^^;;
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