Q: Is Dusanh Lamhirh's father?
A: No he is not. Her founder name is Dubleuscr, while his is Lamsar. They are from the same clan, not the same family.

Q: Is Lamhirh a higher rank than Ghintec in Abh society?
A: In a sense no. She is only a Boerh (Viscount) while he is a Dreuc (Earl). She is however of the Imperial Clan so in standards she is of a higher rank, but in nobility standards no. (Unless she gets her planet Terra formed and ect ect)

Q: Will Ghintec and Lamhirh ever get married?
A: As of currently there is nothing in the latest novel about the two being together. Although Abh do not get married, so they will never wed.

Q: The Abh do not believe in a higher being right, then why to they say things such "I pray for your success"
A: Definition of pray: To utter or address a prayer or prayers to God, a god, or another object of worship. example: I pray (to the empress) for your success. (Another object of worship). Also I believe the Japanese could have been worded as "I wish you luck."

Q: Is Spaurh and Bebauth's family part of the Royal families.
A: The Spaurh and Bebauth are from the 29 original clans. From there name the title Arounn shows that their families had existed before the Empire was established. So Spaurh is not royalty just a high ranking noble, she is a nimh or Great Duchess. The Bebauth don't own any territory.

Q: Maybe a translation glitch but in the beginning of COTS they mention the emperor but it should of been empress. I doubt that they changed that quickly.
A: The Japanese word for Empress is Kogo-sama, but used in a sentence such as "Her majesty the Kogo-heika." Emperor is Tenno-sama and in a sentence "His Majesty the Tenno-Heika" The term Emperor is used more often than Empress. So if you were to speak to the Empress you would say Emperor.

Q: Plane space is supposed to be 2 dimensional right? Then why do ships when they make space time merger seems to come from different angles?
A: The Planar Universe is in fact 2D and I don't think it is mentioned in the anime. When you enter the Planar Universe through a Saudec, your location is randomly determined. Since a space-time bubble is an isolated normal space floating in planar universe, whenever merge/separation happens, their relative position/angle is unknown

Q: Why did they blow up their makers, and why change their natural genes and defy nature.
A: The Abh them selves didn't have a choice. It's like you waking up one morning and this is how you always are. The Abh were created as slaves to travel deep in space and explore for habitual planets. That is why they had their genes modify. Like the space sensory organ, longevity, and tolerance to high speeds. The blue hair was a cosmetic idea from their creators.

Q: Are the Crest of the Stars books (Seikai no Monshou) translated into English?
A: No, they are not but you can obtain fan translation of the books.

Q: Why don't you have MP3s up for download?
A: I bought the Japanese CDs myself and I believe that the fans should buy the soundtracks to support the series.

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