The Star Field Navy

The Abh are a very unique species, for they claim they are the Kin of the Stars. Meaning their Military is very important, not to just protect the home nation but as a social and political of their lives. The Star Field Navy is a central part of upper class Abh.

All Abh nobles and royalty are required to join the Star Field Navy, they are to serve for 13 years that's including 3 years in the Navy school. Members of the Ablïarsec must join the combat section of the Star Field Navy, while other nobles may join the non-combat section.

While Ghintec may join the administrative section, Lamhirh must join the combat section of the Star Field Navy. There is a reason for this, succession to the thrown is not Linear; there is not a specific heir. The Abh believe that a skilled leader is needed to guide their people, so the next Abh to succeed the thrown are determined through the Star Field Navy.

Lamhirh is in competition for the thrown, children of the eight royal families must join the Flying Section of the Star Field Navy. If they reach the rank of Imperial Admiral, they are appointed as Commander-in-Chief of the Imperial Fleet, which simply means they are the Crown Prince/Princess of the Empire and is next in line for the Jade thrown.

When a new Crown Prince/Princess is chosen the other members of the other eight Royal families who are in the Star Field Navy give up their chance of the thrown and who will either succeed their kingdom or become a life royal whose children will only be a peer. Promotion and demotion for the members of the Ablïarsec clan is far more significant than for ordinary soldiers. This is done by a special committee which has no ties with the Star Field Navy, called the Council, that is made up of former Empresses/Emperors, or Kings/Queens, of each royal family.

The Star Field Navy is made up of many sections, and ships. This can range from small fast flyers to extremely large Warships. All of these ships are capable of Planar Universe flight, and are all owned by the Empress. All ships must be rented by the Empress, meaning a richer federation may carry more ships than a more meager federation. Many of the Abh ships are the most technologically advanced in the universe.

The Star Field Navy is more than just a military power, like I stated above it is a political, economic and administrative body, that helps hold the Empire together. All Abh have had some association to the Star Field Navy once in their lives, some Abh even make the Star Field Navy a life long career.

Many Abh of the higher rank are appointed by the Empress them selves. Thus they are allowed to wear a double-winged tiara, as well as a crest to show their family. The ranks of the Star Field Navy even have some historic meaning. The Empire use to consist of small flying machines with three to one soldiers in each. These soldiers were called "Flyer". Then a machine that formed the smallest combat unit, in which the commander flew at the top with there sub-commander, with two machines guarding both sides were called "Wing Flyer', "Rear Flyer" and "Front Flyer".

When two units were combined under the control of a higher-ranking officer, the officer was called a "Deca-Commander". When the Abh lived on the original spaceship Ablïarsec, the leader was called "Hecto-Commander". Of course as all population grows, so did the Star Field Navy, so new ranks were created to control the growing Military, the new rank was "Kilo-Commander"

Once the Empire was created new ranks were issued, due to the growing empire, the Star Field Navy could not control all of it alone, so "Admiral", "Admiral of the Fleet", "Chief Admiral", "Space Navy Admiral" and "Imperial Admiral".

As the Empire grew and added new planets to its territory, planets became a separate chain of command its highest rank was "Army Admiral" and to supervise both the army and the navy there was "Imperial Admiral". Sense the majority of the Army was Terrain people and although they were treated as Abh, they did not like it so a civil war erupted. This was the biggest civil war in the Empire, it was dubbed: "Rebellion of Ghimrÿar" The Star Field Navy had eventually suppressed it, but it was at an enormous cost. The Army was then disbanded but the ranks "Space Navy Admiral"and "Imperial Admiral" remained.

The Ranks of the Laburec
Baronh Japanese English
Rüé Spainec teikoku gensui Imperial Admiral
Spainec Laburar seikaigun gensui Space Navy Admiral
Fofraudéc dai-teitoku Admiral of the Fleet
Fraudéc teitoku Admiral
Roïfraudéc jun-teitoku Commodore Admiral
Cheüass senshouchou Kilo-Commander
Bomoüass hyakushouchou Hecto-Commander
Roïbomoüass fuku-hyakushouchou Vice Hecto-Commander
Loüass jusshouchou Deca-Commander
Lecraic zenei-shoushi Front Flyer
Rineer kouei-shoushi Rear Flyer
Fectodaic retsuyoku-shoushi Wing Flyer

The Organisations of the Laburec
Baronh Japanese English Top Rank
garéc hishou-ka Flying Section Imperial Admiral
sazoïc shukei-ka Administration Section Administration Admiral
cutéc kuutei-ka Ground Section Ground Admiral
nicec gun'i-ka Medical Section Medical Admiral
ghteure gijutsu-ka Technical Section Techinical Admiral
ieucec keiei-ka Police Section Admiral of the Fleet
ümhoss houmu-ka Law Section Admiral of the Fleet
anghec kango-ka Nursing Section Admiral of the Fleet
scoemr gunshou-ka Maintenance Section Admiral
faziac roubonr zouhei-ka Weaponry Section Admiral
faziac harr zousen-ka Shipyard Section Admiral
faziac sér zouki-ka Machinery Section Admiral
faziac datycirir koushi-ka Computer Section Admiral
faziac orhoc kouro-ka Route Section Admiral
faziac naghacec gungaku-ka Music Section Hecto-Commander

The Ships of the Laburec
Baronh Japanese English
Résic junsatsukan Cruisers
gairh totsugekikan Assault Ship
laitec goeikan Guard Ships
Baronh Japanese English
alaicec senretsukan Line-of-Battle Ships
issazec yusoukan Transport Ships
lussomiac kyoushuu-yusoukan Assault Transport Ship
longiac renrakukan Communication Ship
ghasiac chiryoukan Hospital Ship
craiïagac renshuukan Training Ship
gusiac kousakukan Engineering Ship

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