Term of Usage

If you would like to use any of the data found on this webpage please read below.


Gaftnochec.fatback.com: The Japanese DVD scans were used with permission from the webmaster. To use them you will have to contact them your self.

CNSeikai: The Production art and posters were used wellÂ…with out permission from the webmaster. ^^;; I can't necessarily say about these. I was unable to find the webmaster's email to ask them so I am simply hosting them here because it maybe difficult for English speakers to navigate the website. So I put myself in a position to get the snot beat out of.

The game images again are not mine. I had found them quite some time ago on a Japanese website and unable to find the URL. I thought it would be nice to share the images anyway, but if you find the original website please give me the URL so that I can give credit were it is due. Also to contact the webmaster about the images.

Images created by me. You may use these images if you like, all I ask is for credit with a simple link back. You may also use the images in layouts, winamp skins, avatars and any other graphic.

Fan art images. These images are a bit different, here I ask that you are more specific about the credit. Here I would like my name next to the image "Lemharth" pacifically saying I drew the picture. I would also want a link back as well. Nothing will anger me more if I find a website with someone claiming they drew the picture. I will hunt them down with a spear!


The overall information such as the Star Field Navy, Planar Universe, or Abh culture page information is up for grabs. However I would like to point out that some parts of the information was used with some help from other web sources. If you use them I would be a lot more happy if you wrote it in your own words but if not, then I would like to have credit and a link back stating I wrote them.

For the Errata and TV edit page. I would like you to tell me in advance about you using the information. These were probably the most difficult and time-consuming bits of information to work on. Because of the effort and time put into it I'm a bit possessive about it. Mostly the TV edit information. ^^ Anyway for this information, I would like it to have somewhere on it saying I wrote the information, a link back and that you do not change the text what so ever. Even if I made a mistake myself, please do not alter the text.

Fan fiction. At the moment we only have one fan fiction story. You will need to contact the author if you would like to use the story.

If these rules are broken and I catch you I will simple give you a friendly warning. If you still continue to break the rules, I will be very nasty. With either email harassment, spamming you, and then posting a link to were the rules are being broken for the whole world to see. Let's see, how about I throw in spearing you in the head. :-P