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NationSafugnoff v1.0

Version 1.0 of NationSafugnoff was the phenomenon that birthed a legacy. It opened sometime in mid-January of 2003. The site was nothing more than a humble collection of three webpages. The site consisted of an index page with the name of the site, and a flashy image of Lamhirh, that can still be seen on the, "moved" page that is displayed in this archive. The site also had a gallery page with a few more additional images of Lamhirh, and a links page. The site was crude, at best, but the start of something much more significant. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I was unable to recover the original site. In late 2003, I deleted the original, replacing it with a simple redirect page. In the interest of having something to show, I have saved that page.

NationSafugnoff v2.0

Version 2.0 was a huge leap forward in an effort to compete for the honor of having the best Seikai fan site. The HTML coding for the site has been significantly modified to enable users to browse through the site as it originally appeared. The overall design and content have been left untampered since the site was closed. Unfortunately, some of the details from the original site, hosted on Tripod.com, have been lost. Most importantly, the navigation panel on the left once had an image of Lamhirh in the background, which I have not been able to recover. Two pages from the original site have also been lost. Those pages are, "Character Bios [id15.html]" and, "Ghintec (Jinto) [id10.html]". Additionally, the ZIP files from the downloads page have also been lost. Lastly, due to an HTML flaw in the original version, much of the text appeared blue. This flaw has been corrected. While I considered assembling replacement pieces for the missing parts, I decided it would be best to leve the site as it was, and not tack on anything to it that wasn't original. Version 2.0 launched in March of 2003.

NationSafugnoff v3.1

Version 3.1 was yet another major leap forward in thhe development of NationSafugnoff. It was the first version designed entirely from scratch, and featured a graphical navigation menu along with a small section for information on the series. It was released in July of 2003. Unfortunately all of the 3rd level content (items that require no less than two clicks from the home page to access) has been lost, including the galleries, which were not chhanged until the release of The Abh Nation.

NationSafugnoff v3.2

Version 3.2 of NationSafugnoff was not a significant upgrade over the previous version. First unveiled on the 24th of November, 2003, it featured a more organized link section, and a slightly different navigation bar. I had previously attempted to use buttons in my quest to make Baronh the language of the site. However those buttons proved impractical, as did my attempts to integrate an Ath fontset. Thus Version 3.2 is more of a regression. As with the previous version, most of the 3rd level content (items that require no less than two clicks from the home page to access) such as information pages, have been lost. These pages up until version 4.2, were just copy/pasted from one version to the next. Thus the loss is not significant enough to warrant a reconstruction of those missing sections. Additionally, as with the other older versions, the galleries have been lost.

NationSafugnoff v3.5

This site is an archived version of the original NationSafugnoff v3.5, which first opened on the 17th of December, 2003. This version of NationSafugnoff is significant because it is the first time I did not use the traditional colors of red on black. Instead I decided to try a bold new theme, which influenced the the color scheme of The Abh Nation later on. Starting with version 3.5 I added a significant amount of new content to bolster the site into more than a mere image gallery. As with other archived versions of the nation, the image galleries were not salvagable.


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