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NationSafugnoff v4.0

This site is an archived version of the original NationSafugnoff v4.0, which first opened on the 15th of May, 2004. This version of NationSafugnoff is significant because it is the first time I attempted to design a template with a stretching banner that connects to a navigation bar on the side. I originally declared this site to be the fourth version of NationSafugnoff, however that is an overstatement, as the theme was only applied to the main page, and was not significantly different than the previous version, 3.5. Thus technically speaking, this site is really version 3.6.

NationSafugnoff v4.1

NationSafugnoff v4.1 was an interesting experiment. The site first opened on July 1st, 2004. The site was a botched failure from the start. The color scheme I selected was absolutely horrible, and was subject to much scorn and criticism. Additionally, the site was fraught with errors. Version 4.1 was the shortest-lived version of the nation in history. It lasted just over one month, before it was replaced. It was such a spectacular failure, that at the time, I invested little effort in preserving it. Thus it was the most difficult version to recover. The menu needed a lot of work to render properly. Additionally, almost all the graphics needed to be remanufactured. Fortunately I still had a bitmap of the original template, which I was able to cut up into pieces. As with many other older versions, the galleries were not saved. Although version 4.1 was a spectacular failure, it was also a proving ground for things to come. For the first time, the site had a menu that enabled a user to navigate from one page to another, without returning to the home page. However even this was problematic, as the menu only appeared on a limited number of pages. Version 4.1 is also the first time that the site had a universal template on every page. Lastly, it featured a still-image splash page, which inspired an animated splash page in v4.2. Overall, this version was an important failure that laid the groundwork for the most successful version of NationSafugnoff.

NationSafugnoff v4.2

NationSafugnoff v4.2 opened August 15th, 2004. The site is significant for many reasons. Most importantly, it marked the end of NationSafugnoff, and the beginning of The Abh Nation. With it's closing on October 2nd, 2004, a new golden age for the world of Seikai would begin, taking The Abh Nation to heights never even dreamed of before. NationSafugnoff v4.2 is also a remarkable improvement over v4.1. In v4.1, the Milonic menu system was first tested, but not implemented throughout the entire site. In v4.2, the menu had been further refined and built into a universal page layout. For the first time in the nation's history, every page would have the same layout. More importantly, the long-standing problem of easily navigating the site had been solved once and for all. In v4.2, I tried to merge the traditional color scheme of the site, with blue and grey. This created a unique, yet controversial color scheme. Some people liked the grey and blue, and others liked the red and black of the past. Version v4.2 also was a proving ground for many new ideas, such as a real splash page, dynamic banners, and a PHP petition. Lastly, v4.2 was important because I finally decided not to attempt to write the site in Baronh, making navigation much easier for the average person. NationSafugnoff v4.2 was the pinnacle of what NationSafugnoff could be, and was ultimately succeeded by The Abh Nation, which was built on a platform that offered nearly limitless room for expansion. The site is the best preserved of all the archived versions of NationSafugnoff, and to this day, is a popular attraction for guests.

NationSafugnoff Forum

The NationSafugnoff Forum first opened in February of 2004 with limited success. The forum was closed until June, when I decided to reopen it. The second opening recieved much more attention, and the community quickly grew. The forum served the nation until October of 2004, when The Abh Nation opened it's doors, and it's new forum for the first time. The NationSafugnoff Forum was easy to recover, as it was well preserved. I was able to export the original forum, hosted by InvisionFree.com over to The Abh Nation, and close the original. The structure of the forums and the graphics are from the forum when it was closed. While the forum has had many skins, none were saved except the last skin. It should be noted that the, "View Member Profile" feature no longer works, and I've been unable to repair it.

The Abh Nation v2.0

The Abh Nation v2.0 started in July 2008 as a concept page for testing ideas for a redesign of the site. I worked on the test page for about a month, before canceling the project due to a lack of public support. The future of The Abh Nation v2.0 is not certain, however it is likely to remain in this archive until such a time when public support is restored to the project.


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