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Significance of Boerh Sertner

You might ask, of all the Seikai fan sites out there, why I would choose the one made by Boerh Sertner to add to the archive? Its simple really, his site was significant. When the competition to build the best fan site started amongst TechTV members in early 2003, his site, Gairh Basrogrh was the second best site until it was trumped by NationSafugnoff in 2004.

Gairh Basrogrh v1.0

The first version of Gairh Basrogrh was released in early 2003, just before NationSafugnoff. It was largely an image gallery with only a few informational pages. The site featured music from the series playing in the background. That music has not been saved due to copyright issues. The site was closed in late 2003 and replaced with version 3.0. According to Boerh Sertner, a version 2.0 was developed, but never published to the internet. The original site is still online and can be seen here. However I decided to archive and host it here so it could be viewed as it was intended to be viewed, without the neussance of banner adds.

Gairh Basrogrh v3.0

The third version of Gairh Basrogrh was released in late 2003. It featured a graphical navigation menu, and a new layout. Unfortunately the site went offline in late 2004. Using Archive.org's, "Wayback Machine", I was able to salvage the index page, and a few graphics from the original site. Nothing else was salvagable. Boerh Sertner went missing in late 2003, or perhaps simply abandoned the site altogather. It should be noted that The Abh Nation does not claim any copyright over Gairh Basrogrh, and that the site is hosted here only under the pretext of abandonment. Should a request from Boerh Sertner be recieved by The Abh Nation to do so, the site will be removed.


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